Why is there a pet food shortage?

my country’s pet food industry is developing rapidly. The increase in residents’ income, the development of an aging population, and the change in social living habits have led to the continuous increase in the number of pets raised and consequently a large amount of pet food consumption demand. Domestic pet food The scale of consumption has grown rapidly. Relevant domestic policies and strong support from government departments have also created a good policy and operating atmosphere for the development of the pet food industry.

Although the development of my country’s pet food industry is in full swing, there are still some problems, such as the shortage of pet food. Why is there a pet food shortage? This is mainly because there are more and more pets, and the demand for pet food continues to increase, which leads to the phenomenon of short supply. In addition, there are many unfavorable factors that affect the development of the pet food industry.

Disadvantages of the development of the pet food industry:

  1. The international reputation of domestic pet food manufacturers is not high
    In the international market, compared with well-known pet food manufacturers such as Mars, Nestlé, and Royal, the brand awareness and market recognition of domestic pet food companies are relatively low. Most companies can only enter the international market in the form of OEM. And the channel is easily controlled by others, the ability to resist risks is weak, and it is in a disadvantageous position in the competition with international companies in the same industry.
  2. Insufficient R&D investment and weak product R&D capabilities
    The pet food industry in my country has developed late. Many companies are small in scale and weak in capital. They lack sufficient attention and investment in product research and development. At present, pet foods in the industry are mostly developed on the basis of imitating foreign products. Product research and development focuses generally on the palatability, shape, structure and packaging of pet food, and the core technology, formula design and nutritional balance of pet food processing The R&D investment in other aspects is seriously insufficient.
  3. The industry concentration is low and industry standards are not yet perfect
    Attracted by the good market prospects of the pet industry, there are currently a large number of pet food production companies in my country, with different scales, low industry concentration, and a unified product industry standard has not yet been formed. Some low-end manufacturers take shoddy and good products. High profits or low-price vicious competition to gain market share disrupts the market order, further damages the reputation of the domestic pet food industry, and restricts the healthy development of my country’s pet food industry.

To solve the problem of pet food shortage and maintain the stable development of the pet food industry, we must pay attention to the above points. In addition, the processing of pet food is very worthy of attention. It is necessary to ensure the source of pet food and provide high-quality pets. Healthy food.

Purpose of food processing:

  1. Change the palatability.
  2. Improve the utilization of nutrients.
  3. Change the granularity. The particle size reduction of food helps chewing and swallowing. In some cases, granulation or briquetting is used to increase the co-particle size.
  4. Change the moisture content. Adjust the moisture content of raw materials to facilitate storage, enhance palatability, facilitate digestion or prepare for other processing.
  5. Change the density of food. The weight per unit volume of feed (bulk density) will affect the total feed intake. For example, pelleting or briquetting can increase its energy density and food intake, reducing transportation costs and storage space.
  6. Reduce harmful substances such as mold and salmonella.
  7. Detoxify or remove unnecessary ingredients. Some raw materials may contain toxic substances. Excessive intake can lead to poor growth and even death.

Analyzing the current situation of the pet market, in order to better meet the needs of pets. Our company has developed a new type of Pet Food Production Line. High degree of automation, convenient operation, stable performance, convenient maintenance, high production capacity, and wide range of raw materials are the main features of this production line. The production line uses fish meal, corn meal, etc. as raw materials, and the final feed is rich in nutrients, diverse in shape, beautiful and easy to digest, and is deeply loved by pets.

The Pet Food Production Line can quickly and conveniently produce a variety of pet foods. Realize a multi-purpose machine, meet the needs of different pets. And solve problems in pet food processing. It is the best choice for pet food production!