Why is the pet industry growing?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, living conditions have improved. And the number of families with pets has gradually increased. In addition to providing more comprehensive pet food, occasionally, they will take pets to pet shops for grooming. Because of this, it has extensively promoted the development of the pet industry. And various pet groomers have also emerged.

So Why is the pet industry growing?

China’s pet market has increased due to the rapid rise of pet owners by the modernization of the younger generation. And digital drive ownership of pet owners. Pet food is the primary driver of this growth and the most suitable market segment for investment.

So do you know why more and more people have pets?

1. Your night will no longer be lonely-pets will comfort you.

2. Maintain a well-proportioned figure-often walking your dog and playing with pets makes it impossible for you to gain weight.

3. Lower blood pressure-It is scientifically proven that. Frequent petting of animals or ornamental fish can make you feel relaxed and lower blood pressure.

4. Cultivate your sense of responsibility as a mother-if you always feed, bathe and educate your pet yourself. You will be a great mother (father) in the future.

5. Expand your social circle-you will suddenly start to meet many animal lovers, in parks, veterinary clinics, at banquets…

6. The beautiful feeling of being expected—think about the moment you step into your home. Think about when you stretch out your hand holding food… What can move you more than being needed?

7. Feel the loyalty-the world is full of too many variables, but your pet can stay with you, whether rich or poor.

8. Possessing little happiness-Animals have much simpler desires than humans. So they always infect their owners with the happiness they enjoy after being satisfied.

9. Never care about you-you know that intelligent pets will look at people’s faces. But you certainly have not heard that pets will remember their owners’ grudges, even if you have vented your anger against them. Even if you deprived them of their right to be their fathers and mothers without authorization…

10. Help you lower your life expectancy-when you teach it to call it Mom and Dad thousands of times, and it still sends out “meow, barking,” you will be helpless to accept that the world can’t fulfill everyone’s wishes.

Because of the increasing demand for pets, the pet industry market has continued to expand, with an average annual compound growth rate of 34.63%, which is very rapid growth. 

According to statistics, the market size of China’s pet industry reached 147 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%.

If you want to work in the pet industry, the following services are included:

1. Pet grooming: pet groomers can make pets more beautiful and healthy; professional grooming skills with pruning techniques can highlight the pet’s a little bit. And can also make pets different according to the pet owner’s hobbies and the pet’s characteristics. The styling makes pets easier to take care of and likable.

2. Sales of pet food products: Tips for selling pet products in pet shops. Place such highly profitable pet products in places where consumers can easily find them. Because pet shops are profit-making organizations, not charity organizations. pet shops need continuous profitability to improve service quality continuously.

Among them, pet food is mainly manufactured by branded pet food manufacturers. And professional pet food manufacturers will choose Pet Food Production Line machinery to produce and produce, which can meet pets’ needs while ensuring that the food is clean and hygienic. If you want to develop pet food, you may wish to learn more about the production process and problems of the Pet Food Production Line so that you can get the most benefit from the production line at the best price!