Who makes animal feed?

With the development of society, the animal feed industry has also been quickly developed, and the Feed Production Line is also more improved. Who Makes Animal Feed? There are a lot of companies engaged in animal feed industries. This article introduces several famous feed companies, interested, you can take a look.

1, Thai Zhengda Group
Thai Zhengda Group’s business has multiple industries and other industries, mainly involving agriculture and food, retail and distribution, media and telecommunications, e-commerce, digital, real estate development, automotive and industrial products, pharmaceuticals, and financial and investment. It also operates agriculture and food integrated business, including animal husbandry and aquaculture, such as pigs, broilers, eggs, ducks, shrimps and fish.

2, New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd.
New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. uses its resources and expertise in agricultural technology, food processing, channel construction, real estate and tourism. The Group is active in a plurality of financial markets, also invests and operates emerging innovation companies with growth potential. New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. specializes in animal feed, livestock breeding and feeding, as well as food processing under food and modern agricultural business.

3, Jiaji Company
Cargill is a US multinational company, main business is trade, purchase and distribution of cereals, and other agricultural products; energy, steel and transportation; animal husbandry and feed production; production of food ingredients for processing food and industrial use. Cargi engaged in animal feed business for many years, with animal feed products for cattle, pigs, aquaculture, dairy products, poultry and additive categories.

4, Blue Mohu Company
The Blue Mohu Company is a member of the United States, US Pollis, mainly involving the dairy industry. The company’s main business is agricultural products, food manufacturing, food services, animal feed and nutrition, and agricultural technology.

5, Wenshi Food Group
Wenshi Food Group Co., Ltd. is China’s leading private enterprises, including animal husbandry, food trade, animal health products, agriculture and animal husbandry machinery, food processing, organic fertilizers, vegetables, and investment and finance, is Chinese animals. One of the leading markets in the feed market.

6, Muyuan Food Co., Ltd.
Muyuan Food Co., Ltd. mainly raises pigs, breeding boars, commodity pigs, and other pigs, and the company also produces animal feed products. In addition to raising pigs, Pastoral Food Co., Ltd. also participates in feed processing, pig breeding and commercial pig breeding activities, including commercial pigs, piglets and pigs; slaughtering, processing.

7, Brf S.a.
BRF S.a. is a Brazilian company that is merged by the two Brazilian food companies Sadia and Perdigão. BRF has more than 30 brands, including Perdigão, Sadia, Paty, Dánica, QUALY, and BOCATTI. Products are sold to more than 150 countries in the five continents, BRF nutrition is a new business department, mainly focusing on animal feed production.

8, Tyson Food Co., Ltd.
Tyson Food Co., Ltd. is a US multinational company, engaged in food industry. The company is committed to the processing and sale of chicken, beef and pork. High-quality ingredients for animal feed, pet food, human food, and other special products using all parts of the chicken. In the field of animal feed nutrition, Tyson offers a variety of products for partner animals, aquaculture and agriculture.

FORFARMERS N.V. is an internationally operated feed company with a comprehensive feed solution for routine and organic animal husbandry. FORFARMERS is one of the largest feed manufacturers in Europe. The company operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the UK. FORFARMERS vigorously develops and produces composite feed and supplementary feed for livestock feeders.

10, Taigao Group

Thai Gaogou is a manufacturer of Dutch animal nutrition. Fish feed and processing meat products, which has about 100 production facilities in more than 30 countries. Two global companies brand Skretting (Aquatic Feed) and Trouw Nutrition Sales in more than 90 countries.

The world’s top ten animal feed companies have been introduced, they are very reliable in production of feeds. With the advancement of technology, Feed Production Line is also more advanced. And I believe that the industry of animal feed will grow increasingly it is good.