Where is top feed produced?

The development of feed industry has a long history. For a long time, the feed industry has been in a state of continuous improvement and progress. There are countless enterprises engaged in the feed industry all over the world. And they are trying to develop in a better direction. It can be said that feed enterprises have made great breakthroughs so far.

Among many feed enterprises, where is top feed produced?

According to the statistics of watt international media, in 2018, 102 animal feed manufacturers worldwide entered the list of “top feed companies”. And their compound feed output reached or exceeded 1 million tons. The world’s top 129 feed enterprises have produced nearly 438 million tons of compound feed, The top three are Zhengda Group from Thailand, new hope group from China and Cargill company from the United States.

In 2018, the top 102 feed companies produced a total of about 395.6 million tons of compound feed. In 2018, the global production of compound feed reached 928.5 million tons. In other words, in 2018, the 102 companies accounted for about 43% of the world’s total compound feed production. In addition, at the same time, the output of seven companies approaches the 1 million ton mark. In 2018, their production of compound feed exceeded 850000 tons.

Geographically, most of the companies selected in this year’s list are from Asia, among which Thailand Zhengda Group ranks first with the highest output, becoming the “leader” of global high-quality feed enterprises.

As the first foreign-funded enterprise to invest in China after China’s reform and opening up. Zhengda Group has always adhered to the business purpose of “benefiting the country, the people and the enterprise”. It has become one of the world’s largest agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise groups. The world’s largest feed production enterprise, the largest shrimp product production enterprise. And the second largest pig and white feather broiler breeding in the world. Moreover, it has the largest “one-stop” enterprise of laying hens in Asia.

As for Zhengda feed, one of its pillar industries, it can be said that it is a brand familiar to Chinese people engaged in the breeding industry. Even though it has developed for decades, it still maintains high quality and high sales. Then, what is the “secret” of its success?

1, Is the source of raw materials reliable?
“From farm to table” is the group’s concept. The group has established a “one-stop” production and operation system from livestock, poultry and aquatic seedlings to feed, feeding, slaughtering and food processing. The group strictly controls every detail from raw materials to feed to ensure the safety and reliability of products.

2, Is the manufacturing process traceable?
The group has advanced production process tracing equipment, no dead corner in the whole process monitoring of the workshop and a perfect quality management system. The group has passed a number of quality management system certifications to ensure the traceability of products.

3, Will illegal drugs be added?

Strictly abide by national laws, regulations and policies, and never add any prohibited and illegal substances. All raw materials used in feed production of Zhengda Group come from various regulations, decrees, specifications and catalogues issued by the Ministry of agriculture.

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, China’s feed industry has also developed rapidly, which has also driven the development of related industries. Feed production line is also undergoing continuous innovation and transformation, showing more superior performance in making feed. It can make feed of various shapes and tastes to meet the different needs of pets.

Feed production lines are made of stainless steel. The design of the line is reasonable and the degree of automation is high. By adjusting the production processes such as raw materials, temperature and pressure, feed particles with novel shape, rich nutrition and fine texture are produced. The operation is simple and the parameter control is accurate. Due to its reasonable design, special materials, high stability and simple maintenance, it is very popular.