Where does the meat in dog food come from?

Nowadays, more and more people have pets, and the most common pet is the dog. The dog is a very humane animal, can bring people a lot of warmth, so more and more people have dogs. When raising a dog in order to be able to give the dog comprehensive and rich nutrition, dog food has become the most commonly available food.

Nowadays, there is a lot of dog food on the market, and manufacturers have made many different dog food to attract more consumers. Today there is dog food with meat particles, which are more attractive and nutritious for dogs. So, where does the meat in dog food come from?

Where does the meat in dog food come from?

The professional technical article in the top 3 pet food production lines by sales in 2021 shows that in order to make dog food have sufficient nutrition, manufacturers usually use meat as the main raw material to produce dog food, and they will directly grind the meat and mix it into the dog food. Among them, or the meat is made into meat pellets and mixed with dog food. The meat in dog food usually comes from chicken, duck, beef, lamb, and fish.

Many brands of dog food are “meat” as the first ingredient. In fact, the “meat” in dog food has a very strict definition. Generally speaking, “meat” in dog food is mainly composed of muscle tissue from cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats, while non-mammals, such as poultry or fish, cannot be listed as “meat” on the label but must be clearly defined as poultry or fish.

Therefore, when you see “meat” ingredients in dog food, you should clearly understand which type of meat it refers to.

In fact, the “meat” ingredient in many brands of dog food is a meat powder, not real meat, and these meat powders

These meat powders may not be made from real meat, but more like animal bones or liver.

If you want to know how much meat is in dog food, you can follow the following method to determine:

The 95 Rule

The 95 rule requires that if a dog food is named after an animal, then at least 95% of the ingredients in the food must come from that animal. For example, if a dog food is called “lamb dog food,” it contains at least 95% lamb.

25 The “dinner” rule

If a dog food has at least 25% of the named ingredients (before processing, not counting additional water added) but less than 95%, then use the “dinner” rule. If you see a dog food called “Salmon Dog Food Formula,” that is proof that at least 25% of the ingredients in the food come from salmon.

The 3% “Contains” Rule

The 3% “with” rule is more common. For example, when a dog food has the word “with” in its name, it is time to use the 3% rule. Then “with” the ingredients can not be less than 3%.

The rule of taste

Some dog food name is “beef flavored dog food” or “chicken flavored dog food,” etc., all contain the word “flavor” (Flavor), then it proves that the dog food in the meat content is very low.

After your dog has eaten the food, you can determine the meat content from your dog’s stool. If your dog’s stool is black, the food has a high meat content. Dog food with more meat is better for your dog’s health, so you need to be careful before buying it.

The meat in dog food comes from a variety of animals, and the only way to ensure that the nutrients in the meat are not lost is to use professional production equipment, such as the Pet Food Production Line.

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