What is the top selling brand of dog food?

Dog food is divided into three categories: commercial food, natural food and five-grain food. For the sake of the dog, of course, don’t choose commercial food. Natural food is characterized by not greasy to the touch, smelly, not salty, and full of nutrition. Grain-free grains are more nutritious than natural grains. Grain-free grains have no grains. Its disadvantage is that long-term eating is not good for the dog’s stomach. And grain-free grains are more expensive than natural grains. It is better to choose natural dog food.

What kind of dog food does your dog eat? What is the top selling brand of dog food? As an old saying goes, the best is not necessarily the best for you. As an ordinary pet breeder, we value more cost-effective dog food. And provide the best quality dog food to our dogs within our own budget. Let me share with you a few cost-effective dog foods for your reference if you need them.

1.Royal dog food
This is a tailor-made nutritional dog food. Its biggest advantage is that it has a rich variety, special dog food suitable for various dog breeds, and dog food with prescription functions such as weight loss. It’s just that the royal dog food tastes a bit heavy, but dogs like it very much. It is recommended that people who own dogs try to buy different dog food, because it is said that after dogs like to eat royal dog food, they will not eat other dog food.

2.Ocean Star Dog Food
Ocean Star Dog Food is a fish-based food that keeps your pet’s hair, joints, heart, and digestive system healthy, as well as helps the development of vision and brain. If pets lack fish in their daily diet, it is easy to cause nutritional imbalance and various chronic diseases.

3.Bi Ruiji dog food
It is more natural than Regis dog food, ensuring better palatability and fresh nutrition. It meets human food-grade standards, does not contain ingredients discarded by humans, and does not add preservatives, antibiotics, and inducers. Pets are healthier and safer to eat.

Bernardine was the first to use non-gluten ingredients to make healthy and nutritious dog food, and many colleagues followed suit. In North America and European countries, grain-free has become the main product of major dog food companies, and Bernardino has become the number one brand in the domestic grain-free market.

5.Alcoholic dog food
Alcohol dog food is made in accordance with human food standards. From raw materials to nutritional supplements, to processing and subsequent testing, they are all based on a series of human food standards. In terms of health and hygiene, it is very reassuring. Dog food has high meat content and good palatability. What is important is that the reputation is good.

6.Newton dog food
Newton dog food is a cereal formula that replaces vegetables with high starch content, such as potatoes with low glycemic index fruits and vegetables. The crude protein content is more than 32%, and it is also a very high price ratio.

Desire is indeed dry food Jordan, Ronaldo. As long as it is any dog ​​food list, there must be desire. It ranks very high and this ranking also gives full marks, but the price of desire is also more expensive because it is imported.

There are many dog food brands, so I won’t introduce them one by one. You can choose according to the actual situation. In fact, dog food does not need to be very expensive, but you should choose a dog food that is suitable for your dog. If it is not suitable, it will be useless even if it is expensive. 

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