What is pet food and what types are there?

As the name suggests, pet food is a high-end animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed specially used to feed pets. It has the characteristics of rich nutrition, easy digestion, scientific formula, convenient feeding and high absorption rate. It can provide basic life guarantee for pets and promote the healthy growth and development of pets.

Pet Food Production Line can produce many types of pet food. The types of pet food can be divided into dry pet food, such as: fish food, dog food, cat food, leisure snacks; semi-dry pet food, such as: canned pet food , Homemade dog food, cat food; pet liquid food, such as: pet meat sauce, pet nutrition porridge, etc. According to the purpose of pet food, it can be divided into pet diet, pet snacks, pet health food, prescription food, etc.

Daily food:

Daily food has a balanced and comprehensive nutrition and can meet most of the needs of pets. It is the main food source for pets, such as dog food and cat food. The ration standard refers to the feed supply standard that should be followed in the feeding. Under the guidance of the ration standard, the correct selection of feed types and reasonable matching can obtain foods with rich nutritional value for pets to satisfy pets. The body’s material metabolism and energy metabolism.

Pet snacks:

If you only eat staple foods, pets will also get tired of eating. After all, the taste of staple foods is relatively simple. Pet snacks can be used as a condiment. Appropriate feeding of some snacks to pets can enrich the pet’s taste and improve the pet’s sense of taste. Prevent pets from eating indiscriminately. In addition, pet snacks are also good props for training pets.

Prescription food:

There are relatively few prescription pet foods, which are mainly produced for some pets with special bodies. For example, some pets suffer from diabetes. Daily food may contain high sugar content, so special prescription foods are needed. Control your intake. There are also some obese pets, you can also eat obesity-specific prescription food to improve obesity.

Health products:

Health care products can improve pets’ resistance and prevent the occurrence of some common diseases. The main function of pet health care products is to supplement pets with some trace elements or relatively small intake of important nutrients in the staple food, so as to promote the health of pets. Development, but for pets that are healthy in all aspects, it is not necessary to eat this kind of food.

In general, daily food is the staple food of pets. This type of food is usually nutritious and balanced, which can meet most of the nutritional needs of pets. Pet health products mainly supplement some trace elements or relatively small intake of staple foods. Important nutrients; snacks can be used as a condiment to enhance the taste of pets; prescription foods are relatively less used.

No matter what kind of pet food, you can use the Pet Food Production Line to produce. The production line is multi-functional. By changing molds or certain raw materials, you can produce pet foods of different flavors and shapes, and the pet foods produced are all It is very high-quality and healthy, and can supplement the nutrients needed by pets and promote their growth and development.

The above is an introduction to pet food and its types. There are many types of pet food. When feeding pets, you should choose suitable pet food according to the growth characteristics and development status of your pets. You can choose a few more, see See which one is more suitable to ensure their healthy growth.