What is included in feed production?

The aquaculture industry is closely related to our lives, and the breeding production is now growing. There are many previously uncommon special projects to develop, so the market is also growing with the demand for feeds. The feed industry is also ushered in. Very good development opportunity.

The types of five-flowers on the market, high-quality feed is required by all breeding households. And the production of high-quality feed means a broader market. If you want to produce high-quality feed, you need to improve the process levels of all aspects of production. Then which links are included in the feed production?

What is included in feed production?

The production of high quality feed includes multiple links. And only the best improvement of the final quality of the feed can only be further improved in every aspect. The most important production links include feed formulations, feed materials, and feed production process, etc. If you have to engage in feed production, you should focus on these three aspects.

Feed formula
Quality feed products, in addition to the scientific and reasonable formula, the formulater must have a wealth of raw material processing knowledge, grasp the characteristics of raw materials, understand the raw material market, familiar with different animals, happy And well known to feeding methods, environmental conditions and other factors on feeding results.

Only in this way can we develop the most advanced feed formula. Bring huge economic benefits to the breeding of animals. And can also promote further development of the feed industry.

Feed raw material
The raw materials required in feed processing include soybean, soybean meal, corn, fishmeal, amino acid, hybrid, additive, whey powder, grease, meat powder, cereal, sweet sorghum. And more than ten kinds of feed raw materials. The manufacturer only has a high quality of raw materials to make full use of the nutrients to produce high quality feed.

Feed production
The processing of feeds includes a plurality of links, the main process flow is – the receiving – raw material of the raw material – the mixture of raw materials – mixed – granulation – granulation – packaging.

There is a lot of process required for feed processing and production. And we want to produce high-quality feed, you must use superior performance equipment, high-quality production equipment to give full formulation and raw material advantages, producing the highest quality feed.

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