What is fish feed formulation?

Fish has a very rich nutritional value, the protein content of fish is about 15% -24%, so fish is a good protein source, and these protein absorption rates are very high, about 87% -98% will be absorbed by human body. And the fat in the fish is very small, so the fish is an ideal alternative to herbalt.

More and more people realize the benefits of fish. So the demand for fish continues to increase. And the amount of farming continues to expand. In order to be able to breed fish with higher quality, farmers usually use higher quality fish feed. The quality of the fish feed is determined by the formula, then what is the fish feed form?

What is fish feed formulation?

Fish feed formula refers to the nutritional needs of fish through different feed materials. And at the same time, through various nutrient ratings, other special needs of many humans can be met. For example, the growth cycle is short. The weight is large. The money is small, and the income is higher. In addition to satisfying its own growth needs, it can meet the requirements of humans. And the use of high-quality fish feed formulations can achieve this.

Normal growth of fish requires sufficient feed, easy to digest, absorption. And various amino acid coordinated proteins. When the fish intake protein is insufficient, the growth is slow. The body’s immunity is lowered, the tissue update is slow, the wound healing is poor. And the disease is easy to affected.

In addition, fat has a very important role in fish feed formulations.

And fat is an important regulatory factor for fish and shrimp immune responses, which can enhance the immunity of fish. Vitamins have a certain impact on the immune function of the fish, but also the nutrients necessary to maintain normal growth, it is not possible to synthesize, need to be obtained from fish feed. In addition, minerals can effectively improve the disease resistance of fish.

All kinds of nutrients have a very important significance to fish growth, not only affect the normal growth of fish, but also affect fish immune disease resistance. Therefore, the fish feed formula is especially important, only high-quality fish feed formulas can bring the highest economic benefits to the farmer.

In addition, due to the difference in fish varieties, the nutrient elements needed are also different. Therefore, there are many types of fish feed on the market, and they use different fish feed formulations. For example, the squid fish feed formula is 43% of bran, 30% fishmeal, 10% of the barley, 15% of the bean cake, and 2% of the additive. The formula of the grass carp feed is 80% of straw powder, and the bean cake is 10%. The formula of the green fish feed is 40% of straw powder, 30% of silkworm pocket powder, 20% of rapeseed cake powder 10 &, barley powder.

The above is just a common kind of fish feed formula. And the different feed mills will develop different fish feed formulations, and each feed plant has its own professional formula. Only use high quality formulas and use quality equipment to produce the highest quality fish feed, to provide the biggest help for the majority of farmers, thereby further expanding the market.

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The fish feed form is that the feed industry has always adhered to the improvement of research and development. The lowest cost, the highest nutritional value, the nutritional value, the nutritional value, the nutritional value will effectively expand the market. If you need it, please contact us, we will provide you with high quality fish feed formula!