What Is Feed Mill Equipment?

What are the equipment equipment?
What is the basic use process of feed production equipment?

Opening a feed factory is ideal for obtaining profits, because the development of the breeding industry is very rapid, and the farmer is very large for high-quality feed in order to further improve farming profits, so this has also brought huge to the feed factory. Business opportunity.

The feeder wants to produce high-quality feed, the most important thing is to use quality production equipment, then what are the equipment used by the feed factory?

What Is Feed Mill Equipment?

Basic feed mills for making animals or poultry feeds include raw materials receiving, grinding, ingredient, mixing, granulation, cooling, screening, packaging, and warehousing. The main components of the equipment include feed mill, feed mixer, feed granulator, feed cooling machine, and feed packaging machine. The auxiliary equipment has a conveyor, a control cabinet, a storage bin, a dust collector, and a fire protection equipment.

Basic use process for feed production equipment:

  1. Raw material reception: meat, fishmeal, corn flour and other raw materials such as making feeds, transported into the feed mill. Then transport into the cleaning machine, remove impurities and dust, and store it in the storage bin.
  2. Grinding: Some raw materials are required to use a grinder into a destination degree before processing and production. And different animals are suitable for different degrees of fruity feed.
  3. Ingredients: According to the feed formula, various feed ingredients need to be determined by quantitative weighing, and the usual equipment has high-precision weighing, automatically controlled by the central control panel, very simple operation, and the error rate is extremely small.
  4. Mix: The mixed raw material is mixed in the mixer, and the mixing time depends on the feeding formulation and the feeding component.
  5. Granulation: Mixed-mixed feed into the granulator, the process of granulation has the following steps:

1.The mixed raw material enters the feeder for controlling the speed of the feedstock to the granulator.

2.Mix the dry mixing and the added steam in a stroner and then transport the granulation chamber by gravity or forced feed system.

3.In the granulating chamber, the mixed raw material will be pushed through the granulator mold to become the target of the particle size and shape.

  • Cooling and sieving: The produced feed particles are hot, and it is necessary to convey the cooling machine, which will become sturdy and durable after cooling, while the feed particles will directly flow into the screwdriver.
  • Packing: The feed-completed feed needs to be packaged, and then can be sold for the market.

The performance of feed production equipment is critical.

It is the key to the expansion of the market. Now the competition in the feed industry is very fierce. And only the performance of the equipment is more superior.

Feed Production Line is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. And has the most advanced production process in the feed equipment. Highly automated production methods have made the equipment have very high production efficiency. And the output is higher in time, which means manufacturers. You can get a more vast market.

In addition, the feed produced by Feed Production Line has a very high quality. And the equipment is strong and durable, and the operation is stable. It can achieve 24h continuous production. Which is an ideal choice for manufacturers to expand the market.

The development of the feed industry is very rapid. Using quality equipment will help the manufacturer get a bigger voice in the market. If you need it, please contact us!