What is feed meal?

What is a feed?
What are the classification of feed?

The development of aquaculture is very rapid, and more and more people began to raise some animals. For example, cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, duck, goose, etc., to achieve high profits by providing consumers with quality foods. In order to improve the quality of breeding. the feeder must increase the level of breeding. And the choice of feed is especially important.

Quality feed can provide comprehensive balanced nutrients for animals. So that animals reach the level in the shortest possible time. So quality feed is urgently needed, then do you understand what is feed?

What is feed meal?

Feed is the general term of the food of animals raised by everyone. The narrow general feed mainly refers to the food of animals raised by agriculture or animal husbandry. The main raw materials of the feed include a feed raw material for more than ten varieties. Such as soybean, soybean meal, corn, fishmeal, amino acid, hybrid, whey powder, grease, meat powder, cereal, and feed additives.

There are many types of feeds. And different animals are different from nutritional demand. So they need different feeds. And even different growth stages of the same animal need to use different feeds.

What are the classification of feed?

  1. Coarse feed: a type of feed of crude fibers in dry matter in a finish material.
  2. Green Feed: Refers to a type of feed in natural moisture content in more than 60%.
  3. Silage of silage: silages made of fresh natural vegetable feed and adding silage with appropriate amount of bran or other additives, including moisture content of 45% to 55% semi-dry silage.
  4. Energy Feed: The content of crude fibers in the dry matter is 18% or less, and the content of crude protein is a type of feed of 20% or less.
  5. Protein supplement: The thick fiber content in the finger is 18% or less, a type of feed of crude protein content of 20% or more.
  6. Mineral feed: including industrially synthetic or natural single mineral feed, multiple mineral mixed mineral feed, and mineral additive premixed with carrier or diluent.
  7. Vitamin feed: a single vitamin or compound vitamin that is artificially synthesized or purified.
  8. Additives: Refers to a variety of non-nutritional additive raw materials for reinforcing feeding, which is conducive to the production of feed production and storage and its formulation of products.

The above is some simple feed classification. And the farmers need to choose different feed types according to the characteristics of animals, and high-quality feed is generally welcome, and it is also urgent.

Now the competition in the feed industry is very intense. More and more feed manufacturers have begun to develop high-quality feeds. To produce a relatively high quality feed, except for more reliable formulas, use a relatively high quality equipment Production, only in this way can produce high-quality feed in line with the market.

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