What do dog owners buy most?

Nowadays, having a pet is no longer a new thing. More and more ordinary people start to have pets to get a thought of warmth from them. In the pet market, dogs are more popular than cats because dogs are more humane, some smart dogs can even understand the owner’s instructions, so many people have dogs.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of dogs, owners need to buy various related supplies for dogs. Under normal circumstances, what are the most common items that dog owners purchase for dogs?

What do dog owners buy most?

Data show that the pet industry is growing very rapidly and is very profitable. During 2019 the U.S. pet industry spent about $95.7 billion, and the amount paid in the last two years has continued to increase. Among them, consumers spend the most on pet food and pet snacks, more than $36.9 billion, and more specifically, most of these funds are spent on dog food and cat food. The above is drawn from the professional and technical article Top 10 Pet Food Lines for Cost-Effectiveness in 2021.

The pet industry has been experiencing explosive growth. Today, nearly 85 million households in the U.S. have pets. In the past 30 years, pet ownership has risen from 56% of all families to 68%. The rising economy has also made owners more willing to spend money on their pets, and expenses continue to rise.

Generally speaking, pet spending is divided into four categories: pet food and snacks, pet supplies, pet medicine, and veterinary care, of which the highest spending is on pet food, so it is clear that dog owners buy the most dog food daily.

Now consumers do not want traditional pet dog food; they want to have more healthy ingredients of dog food. The development of the network also allows consumers to have a deeper understanding of dog food. They know more about how to select nutritious dog food. Therefore, if manufacturers want to stand out in the dog food industry, they must produce high-quality dog food to meet the needs of consumers.

Today’s dog foods have achieved very balanced nutrition, and manufacturers have mastered the essential nutrients and nutritional requirements of dogs. Although the minimum levels of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients and the maximum required levels of most nutrients are known. However, what still needs to be determined are the optimal ideal levels of various nutrients for various animals.

 Especially for some elderly dogs, there are no specific recommendations for the diet of elderly animals. More in-depth research is needed on the digestibility of food and how the intestines of elderly animals change with age. These issues will point to the future direction of the pet food industry.

Dog food is the most purchased item by owners and therefore has the highest profits accordingly. If manufacturers can solve some of the problems faced in dog food at this stage, it will be very simple to become a well-known dog food brand.

When producing dog food, manufacturers use high-quality raw materials and use equipment with superior performance. The quality of the equipment will greatly affect the quality of dog food. Pet Food Production Line is a new type of equipment recognized by many manufacturers.

Why do manufacturers use pet food production equipment?

1. Food-grade stainless steel material, long service life, segmented combination screw, wide range of applicable raw materials, more diverse products.

2. Automatic lubrication system, reducing the mechanical energy consumption and extending the service life.

3. Twin-screw with self-cleaning function, using the equipment is more reasonable and convenient.

4. Different screws and L/D ratios can meet different production processes.

5. Visible automatic temperature control system makes temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

6. Easy to operate and maintain.

Pet Food Production Line provides more efficient production methods and better quality for many well-known dog food manufacturers. The line is inexpensive, has a high-cost performance, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; we can also customize the equipment according to manufacturers’ requirements to provide maximum help.

Dog food is the most purchased item by pet owners. The market potential is enormous, and the future will always maintain a high level of development. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us!