What brand of dog food is healthiest?

Dogs are now pets that many families will keep. In the process of healthy growth of dogs, good quality dog ​​food must be indispensable. The quality of dog food affects the growth of dogs. There are many types of dog food. Faced with a wide variety of dog food, many people do not know how to choose. What brand of dog food is healthiest? What brand of dog food is healthiest? What should you pay attention to when choosing dog food?

Most people believe that domestic dog food is not as good as imported dog food, and commercial food is not as good as natural food. Of course, some people oppose that domestic dog food is also very good, and it avoids the problem of dog food expiration and deterioration caused by overseas mailing and human flesh purchasing. If you buy fake products, it will be more than a loss. In fact, whether domestic grain or imported grain, as long as it is officially qualified, there is generally no problem.

Let me briefly introduce a few good dog food brands, such as Newton, Pinnacle, Royal, Desire, Bernardine, etc. These are relatively well-known brands, and you can choose according to your actual situation. In fact, which dog food is good, mainly depends on whether the dog food is suitable for the dog, whether the dog loves it or not, the right dog food is good.

How to choose the right dog food?

  1. Choose from classification
    Dog food can be divided into commercial food and natural food. A good formula will definitely help the growth of dogs. When choosing dog food, choose natural food. Natural food does not contain preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Natural foods have comprehensive nutrition, fresh materials, and low salt content. They are more suitable for dogs to absorb. Dogs eating such dog foods are more nutritious. The salt content of commercial food is relatively high. Eating too much can easily cause symptoms such as skin diseases and tear marks, and the materials are not fresh. Eating too much is not good for the dog’s health.
  2. Choose your favorite taste
    Don’t buy the same kind of dog food at once. Buy some dog food for every taste, and let the dog try it for a period of time, and always pay attention to which kind of dog the dog likes to eat. grain. But when observing which type of dog food the dog likes to eat, pay special attention to the dog’s physical health. If it is observed that the dog food that the dog likes to eat does not have any uncomfortable reaction, it is fine. Appropriate dog food, the overall mental appearance of the dog is good, the hair is smooth and smooth, without tears, if the dog’s hair is dry, if it is not sick, consider the cause of the dog food.
  3. Choose according to the age of the dog
    Dogs of different ages need different nutrition. For example, puppies should choose puppy food. Dogs usually grow fast during the puppy period, and will no longer grow when they grow to a certain size, so they should be given enough energy during the puppy period. Dog food should be high in protein.

Precautions for choosing dog food:

  1. Look at the shelf life. The shelf life of dog food is as short as possible, because if it takes a long time, there must be a lot of preservatives in it.
  2. When choosing dog food, you can observe the small particles of dog food. The more irregular the particles, the better, because all dry food needs to be broken into pieces. And then pressed into a grain by a mold. If the surface is pressed very smooth and regular, it means that the expansion agent is put in more. Which is unhealthy for the dog.

In order to meet the needs of consumers and produce high-quality dog ​​food, pet food processing plants are also making continuous efforts. As a food machinery manufacturer, we have listened to customers’ opinions on the basis of past experience and modified the machinery and equipment. And successfully developed the Pet Food Production Line, which can produce high-quality and healthy dog food and other types of pet food.

Highlights of Pet Food Production Line:

  1. Frequent speed adjustment, high degree of automation and stable performance.
  2. Durable high-pressure screws with long service life.
  3. Direct and accurate automatic temperature control system.
  4. Self-cleaning does not need to be disassembled, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  5. Broad material, diversified products and flexible collocation.

Pet food making machines have brought a lot of convenience to pet food manufacturers. And also promoted the development of the pet food industry. The pet food produced meets the needs of pets. And pet owners do not need to worry about the health of their pets.