What are the types of animal feeds?

In modern society, all kinds of small animals have become pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, and rabbits. Therefore, the feed is also varied, well-prepared, with grease, etc., and it can be said that there is everything and everything. Feed Production Line can produce various types of animal feeds, so what are the types of animal feeds?

Animal feeds include live feeds such as insects, fish, and shrimp, eggs, meat, fish meal, silkworm pupa powder, fly maggot powder, milk powder, etc. According to the feeding species are generally divided into self-contained, full-price, concentrated, premixed, and feed additives, etc.; it also can be divided into powder and pellets; according to the feeding of different animals can also be divided into cat feed, dog feed, rabbit feed, fish feed, etc.

I. Classification by nutritional composition

1、Full-price feed

Also known as the whole diet with feed. The feed contains a variety of nutrients and energy balanced and comprehensive, can fully meet the various nutritional needs of animals, without adding any ingredients can be fed directly, and can obtain the maximum economic benefits, is the ideal feed with.

2、Mixed feed

Also called the basic diet or primary feed. It is composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed in a certain proportion, and it basically can meet the nutritional needs of animals. But the nutrition is not comprehensive enough, only suitable for farmers with a certain amount of green feed to feed.

3、Protein supplement feed

It is also known as protein concentrate feed or mixed feed for balance. It is mainly protein feed, plus mineral feed, and add pre-mixed feed formulated from the mixed feed.

4、Additive premixed feed

This feed is composed of nutrient additives and non-nutrient additives, corn flour, soybean cake flour, and other feed as a carrier, according to the different species of animals and production methods, and evenly formulated into a feed semi-finished products.

5、Milk substitute

Also called artificial milk. It is specially formulated for lactating animals to replace the natural milk with a full-price feed, which can save commercial milk and reduce breeding costs.

II. According to the physical properties of feed for classification

1、Powdered feed

Generally, the feed mixed in a certain proportion is crushed into a more uniform size of the granule type of material. The fineness is about 2.5 mm or more. The nutrient content of this kind of feed is more even, the quality is stable, and the feeding is convenient, safe, and reliable.

3、Pellet feed

Granular feed is based on powder after steam pressure treatment and made of block feed, and its shape has a cylinder and angle. This kind of feed has high density and small size, improves the palatability, and guarantees the high remuneration characteristics of the full-price feed.

4、Puffed feed

It is also called a floating feed. This kind of feed is specially made for fish, turtles, and other animals, which can reduce the loss of water-soluble substances in the feed and ensure the nutritional value of the bait.

5、Crushed pellets

It is a mechanical method of granular material and then crushed and processed into a fineness of 2 mm ~ 4 mm of broken particles, the characteristics of the same as the granular material, is due to the crushing and animal feeding speed is slightly slower.

6, in addition, there are other block feed and liquid feed, etc.

III. according to the different types, stages, and performance of animals for classification

1、Livestock and poultry

(1) Chicken feed is divided into broiler feed, egg-laying chicken, and breeder feed.

(2) pig feed with molecular pig feed, growing pig feed, breeding sow feed, etc.

(3) cattle and sheep with feed is divided into cattle feed, calf feed, growing cattle feed, etc.

(4) horse feed is generally divided into two kinds of young horse and service horse feed.

2、Fish feed

Generally, it can be divided into five kinds of fish feeds: grass carp, mackerel, carp, tilapia, and common fish. In addition, there are experimental animals and economic animals special feed.

The above is the basic introduction to the types of animal feed. After understanding these contents, you can also make better choices when buying feed. Feed Production Line is specifically used to produce animal feed machines, and the quality of the product can meet the needs of various animals.