The feed production line has significant advantages

Feed is an indispensable existence in the modern aquaculture industry. It can help farmers save a lot of time and unnecessary trouble. And make the breeding process of farmers more comfortable, because the feed is developed through professional formulas and has high nutritional value can promote the healthy growth of animals in an all-round way.

Due to the improvement of the economic level and the rapid growth of the world’s population.

The aquaculture industry is expanding rapidly. It has led to the phenomenon of vigorous development of the feed industry, and the competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. We have been developing in the feed industry for many years, knowing that the performance of equipment will be the key to determining efficiency.

So we decided to use Feed Production Line to improve our production efficiency.After on-site inspection, we believe that this production line has significant advantages and can have a very positive impact on our production and processing.

What are the advantages of the feed production line?

1.The whole production line is made of 304 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable and has a long use time.

2.With a fully automated production method, the production efficiency is very high, and the output per unit time is greater.

3.There is no pollution and no leakage in the production process, and green production can be realized.

4.Equipped with automatic cleaning system, easy to clean, clean and hygienic.

5.It can be processed to produce various types of feed, including fish feed, cattle feed, pig feed and dog food, etc., with a wide range of uses.

The advantages of the feed production line are very obvious. The performance in actual production is more prominent, which can bring us great convenience and meet our production needs. Since the use of this production line, our production has undergone very big changes.

Compared with the previous old equipment, the feed production line is a rare high-quality production line.

Comparison of feed production line and traditional feed production method:

The feed production line uses advanced extrusion technology, which can extrude and expand the raw materials under high temperature and high pressure. In this process, most of the nutrients in the raw materials can be retained, and the nutritional value is very high. However, the traditional feed production method You cannot satisfy this point.

In the era of mechanization, efficiency is life.

The feed production line has fully automated production methods and has very high production efficiency to meet higher production needs. However, the low efficiency of traditional production methods has seriously affected the expansion of the market.

Because of the highly automated production method, the feed production line requires very little labor.

The entire production line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production. Compared with the traditional feed production method, the labor cost is greatly reduced.

The manufacturer’s service is also very complete. In order to allow more feed processing plants to use suitable equipment, they have developed a variety of different models for everyone to choose from.

Model and specification of feed production line:

Labor required1-2people1-2people1-2people1-2people1-2peopl

In addition, the manufacturer can also provide us with customized services and develop equipment according to our requirements. Therefore, the Feed Production Line we use is in line with our production needs and brings new development momentum to our processing and production.

With the help of this production line, the feed we produced has been recognized by the market and effectively expanded the market scale. We also hope that manufacturers can develop more excellent equipment so that the feed industry can develop further!