How much does it cost to manufacture dog food?

Dog food is a food that provides nutrition specifically for dogs. High-quality dog ​​food can give dogs comprehensive and balanced nutrition and ensure the healthy growth of dogs during growth and development. Feeding dog food can make dogs strong Grow. Reduce the occurrence of diseases. Give dogs a very balanced nutrition standard. And at the same time, feeding becomes easier.

For the majority of shovelers, the emergence of dog food can be said to have liberated many people. There is no need to consider whether the nutrition is comprehensive during the feeding process. It is full of nutrition at hand. Dog food has made it easier for everyone to raise pets and gained more warmth from it. Therefore, dog food has also become an indispensable item in raising dogs for shit scavengers.

But it is undeniable that the price of high-quality dog ​​food is usually higher. It has shocked many shit scavengers. So how much does it cost to make dog food?

How much does it cost to manufacture dog food?

How much does it cost to manufacture dog food?

The professional technical article in the top five cost-effective pet food production lines in 2021 shows that although many consumers want to have a reasonable price of high-quality dog ​​food to choose from, it has to be said that the cost of dog food or other pet food The price is much higher than that of human nutrition because high-quality pet food raw materials are more expensive. There are a lot of extra costs in the production process. Generally speaking, the cost of mid-range dog food is about $1.17 per pound, and the cost of high-quality dog ​​food is $2.17 per pound.

The production cost of dog food includes many aspects, such as raw materials, formula, packaging, return costs, and equipment depreciation costs.

First of all, the raw material cost of dog food is relatively high. 

If you want to produce high-quality dog ​​food, you must use high-quality raw materials, and the cost will increase significantly. The raw materials of dog food include corn, dehydrated poultry meat, corn gluten, animal fat, poultry protein, poultry liver, minerals, soybean oil, fish oil, fructooligosaccharides, flax hulls, and seeds, etc. There are many types of raw materials, and the price is also high. Relatively high.

In addition, if you want comprehensive and balanced dog food nutrition.

It would be best if you produced it according to a high-quality formula. If the manufacturer wants to obtain a high-quality procedure, either they spend a lot of time on their own through rigorous calculations and experimental tests to make the formula, or they hire A professional dietitian can make it. The cost of a dietitian can even be as high as $5,000. If you need it, welcome to contact us, and we will provide you with high-quality formulas for free.

In addition, the packaging of dog food is also a relatively high cost. 

This includes packaging design, printing, etc. Although it looks simple, it is indispensable for manufacturers to design eye-catching packaging if they want to expand brand awareness. This has to be done by hiring a professional designer, which may cost US$2,500.

Another unexpected aspect of the cost of dog food is the return cost.

This is also an additional cost in the production of dog food. Why do you say that? When everyone buys the food they want to eat but finds that it doesn’t taste good after returning home, they will never repurchase it. The food is either barely eaten or thrown away. But dog food is different. If the dog in the house does not eat the dog food you buy back, most people will choose to return it. This is also one of the costs of dog food.

In addition, the higher cost is equipment. High-quality equipment can produce high-quality dog ​​food and further increase sales. It can be said that equipment is closely related to sales.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a sage choice to use Pet Food Production Line. It is a device used by many well-known companies. It has a very high-cost performance and can help manufacturers further expand the market scale.

The Pet Food Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel. It is durable and has an extended use time. It uses the most advanced extrusion technology at home and abroad. The dog food produced is rich in nutrition and has good palatability. Recognized. The most important thing is that the production line is compact in structure, small in area, and automated production methods reduce labor costs. We can also provide the most favorable price so that more small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from this and help manufacturers further reduce production costs. Have more substantial market competitiveness.

Under the influence of many factors, the production cost of dog food is relatively high, even reaching US$2.17 per pound. Still, to make our dogs grow healthier, it is indispensable to choose high-quality dog ​​food!

How much pet food is produced?

The improvement of living standards makes people no longer satisfied with the monotonous life. High-rise buildings only give us a sense of cold distance. Suppose we want to get a little warmth in life. It seems that only small animals can bring us warmth. Now more and more families start to keep pets. The company of pets can always make our lives more colorful. And full of warmth and happiness in our lonely life.

It is precise because of the hot pet market that many pet-related industries have also become very hot—especially the pet food industry. Now everyone’s economic level has improved. Therefore, for their small animals. They want to take the whole world Give it the best. And by all kinds of pet food all at home for your baby. I don’t know if you have noticed how much pet food you have when purchasing pet food?

How much pet food is produced?

Pet food refers explicitly to food specially developed and produced for pet groups. Including three significant areas: staple food. Snacks. Nutrition. According to a professional technical article in the top three pet food production lines regarding cost performance in 2021. The pet food industry is the industry that accounts for the most significant proportion of consumption in the pet economy. And global pet food consumption will account for more than 70% in 2019-2020. In 2020, the scale of the worldwide pet food industry was approximately US$98.07 billion—a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. Because of the enormous demand for pet food, there is a fantastic output. From the perspective of the regional distribution of the global pet food consumer market, in 2020, the pet food market in China. Japan. And the United States will account for 6.9%, 4.3%. And 37% of the global market, respectively.

From this, it can be seen that the pet market is developing very rapidly now, and the demand for pet food is also very high. I believe it will be even hotter in the future. Its high-cost performance mainly determines the popularity of pet food. It is precise because of these pet foods that our pets can grow up healthily and vigorously. And high-quality pet food is even more popular with shit scavengers.

The specific production process of pet food:

Mixer: Mix pet food ingredients such as cornflour. Rice flour. Soybean meal. Fish meal. Meat meal. And some additives with a certain proportion of water for uniform mixing.

Conveyor: convey the mixed raw materials to the extruder for further processing, and the conveying process is pollution-free and will not leak.

Twin-screw extruder: The mixed raw materials extruded and expand in a high temperature and high-pressure environment. The starch structure in the raw materials changes and becomes easily absorbed nutrients by changing the shape of the mold. Different forms of pets can be produced. Foods. Such as circles. Hearts. Triangles. And bones.

Multi-layer oven: The oven can bake the prepared pet food at a high temperature. So that the pet food can dry quickly, I can store it for a longer time.

Spraying seasoning equipment: You can sprinkle some minced meat and spices on the dried pet food to make the pet food more palatable. And this process can also effectively remove the burrs and edges of the pet food to make it smoother.

Cooling conveyor: The pet food can be quickly cooled down. It is more convenient for packaging. And does not return to moisture after packaging.

Packaging machine: The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging. And the packaging quality is more reliable.

The above is the whole process of pet food production. Nowadays, the demand for pet food is enormous. The market is comprehensive, and the output is increasing. Manufacturers want to expand the scale of production further to obtain higher profits.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer. The Pet Food Production Line produced by it enjoys a very high reputation in the industry and has a very high-cost performance. The entire production line can realize automated production with very high production efficiency. It can help manufacturers gain a larger market with high productivity. The pet food produced can retain the wealthiest nutrients and has better palatability. It is a pet food recognized by shit scavengers. In addition, our biscuit production line. Baby food production line. And corn flakes production lines are also very cost-effective.

Nowadays, the pet food industry is very hot, with extraordinary output every moment. If you also want to enter this industry, please contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Is selling dog food profitable?

The accelerating pace of life makes us busy every day. Incredibly lonely, especially for those who work alone all year round. Everyday life is very monotonous. And loneliness has become the norm in life. Now there are more and more pet owners. Pets can make us feel the breath of life and can bring us the most sincere company. With pets, it seems that we can find our own home in the vast city.

The most popular pets should be dogs. Dogs are brilliant. They can feel your emotions, and they can even understand what you are saying. They can help you take slippers and throw trash, etc. And they have big eyes. There is only you, and the love for us is very pure and selfless. To enable our dogs to grow better, the choice of dog food is essential. Good dog food can make dogs stronger and more lively.

With the increase in pets, the demand for dog food continues to rise. Many businesses want to enter this industry. Can they still make money if they produce and sell dog food?

Is selling dog food profitable?

Professional technical articles in the top three pet food production lines by sales in 2021. Show that pets have now become an indispensable existence in our daily lives. And keeping a pet dog is a ubiquitous thing. It is related to dogs accordingly. The industry has become very hot. And the owners always want to give their dogs the best. So high-quality dog ​​food is always the favorite of shit shovelers. The dog food industry is developing very rapidly. And the demand is continually increasing. Therefore, it is profitable to start producing and selling dog food now. And the profit margin is enormous. The profit margin of most manufacturers is as high as 40%. And the profit of successful dog food manufacturers is even higher.

In the dog food industry, the key to obtaining high profits is producing high-quality dog ​​food and effectively reducing production costs in the production process. After compressing prices, you can gain greater competitiveness in the market.

For many small and medium-sized enterprises that have just joined this industry. Cost control is essential. In the case of shortage of funds and lack of experience, low investment is a valuable measure to avoid risks and develop long-term development. The dog food industry requires very little start-up capital early, and the venue can choose relatively remote areas. After all, dog food is usually sold in pet shops or online. And it does not make any sense to build factories in urban areas.

The second the purchase of the raw materials required for dog food. To make high-quality dog ​​food. The raw materials must be appropriately matched to make their nutrition more balanced. Therefore, a high-quality dog ​​food formula is essential. If necessary, please contact Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.; we will provide you with high-quality dog ​​food formulas for free.

After the formula is determined, the raw materials need to purchase. We can find wholesalers with lower prices and carry out long-term cooperation with them to further control the cost of raw materials, effectively reducing the initial investment. It is worth noting that it is not suitable to store many raw materials in the early stage of business development. After the market stabilizes, the storage of raw materials can be further expanded.

The most crucial step is the selection of equipment. Equipment is the key to determining the quality of dog food. The dog food produced by different equipment will vary greatly. Even the high-quality raw materials, if the equipment is unreliable, The dog food produced is also of poor quality, and now many well-known dog food manufacturers are using the Pet Food Production Line for production.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a very well-known food machinery manufacturer in the industry. The biscuit production lines, baby food production lines, and corn flakes production lines produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. are sold at home and abroad and are very well-known. Our Pet Food Production Line has a very high-cost performance. The entire production line is made of high-quality materials. It has an extended use time and is not easy to damage. The fully automated production is easy to operate. It only requires 1-2 people to complete the exhibition, which can help the manufacturer. Effectively reduce production costs. And we can give a meager price, and even we can assure you that our equipment must be the lowest price among the equipment of the same quality on the market. It is our vision to help more companies expand the market.

The hotness of pet dogs means that the dog food industry will only become more and more popular, and the demand will increase. The production and sale of dog food will make huge profits. If you have other things you don’t understand, please contact us; we will try our best to answer your questions.

How do I start my own pet brand?

With the development of the economy and the progress of society, keeping pets has become popular among many families. Keeping pets to accompany oneself has even regarded pets as family members. Because of this, the pet industry is developing rapidly. The pet industry refers to all pet-related sectors such as pet food, pet medical care, pet clothing, pet cages, and pet supplies.

So is the pet industry so profitable?

On the surface, it must be profitable. According to the data of the “2019 China Pet Industry White Paper” released by, my country’s urban pet (dog and cat) market reached 202.4 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 18.50%. Year on year, and has doubled in the past five years…

In 2019, dog owners accounted for about 54.40% of pet users, and cat users accounted for approximately 43.10% of pet users. The cost of keeping these two types of pets is relatively high among all pets, including services such as health care, food, toys, grooming, and foster care. These are the sources of money for pet shops.
According to statistics, in 2019, pet staple food, snacks, health products, and other food consumption accounted for 61.4% of total pet consumption, increasing 9.2% compared to 2018, which is the most significant expenditure for pets.

So How do I start my pet brand?

Pet business philosophy: 5 products and services you can sell

Sell ​​pet supplies, pet food, such as bowls, toys, and beds.

Provide walking dog and pet care services.

Pet grooming.

Continue to use social media.

Familiar with blogging and SEO.

Participate in pet industry events, trade shows, and conferences.

Know the cost of pet shops when you plan to start this business. The initial prices of pet shop startups vary greatly. Product sellers usually need between $15,000 and $30,000 to get started, although home sellers can spend a lot less. Pet product manufacturers may need as little as $30,000 or as much as $500,000 to get started. Of course, a high-quality Pet Food Production Line can help you make profits as quickly as possible.

1. Write a business plan. This is necessary, regardless of whether the owner raises funds for opening the shop himself or applies for some loans or investments. The most fundamental reason for determining a business plan is to allow the owner to move on a clear path to success.

2. When you are ready to purchase venture capital and equipment, you need to apply for a business license according to your city;

3. Choose a suitable venue to open a factory or pet shop.

4. Design floor plans for pet shops and pet factories.

5. Purchasing pet supplies to be sold in the store. Consult a few different suppliers to make sure you get a good discount.

6. Buy some live pets. Again, consult a few kennels to ensure that there is a preferential price. Another essential thing to consider is determining that the pet’s source is legal, formal, and humane. Never buy dogs from those puppy factories. This is also the attitude a pet brand should have.

7. Advertise in magazines, shops, restaurants, newspapers, and any other media. Which promotional methods are used depends on the budget. It would be best if you used publicity to attract the first customers to patronize the business. Make sure that the pet brand is known to everyone.

There are a lot of preparations for creating your pet brand. Only by achieving high quality in all aspects can it become a good brand trusted by more people.

How do I market my pet food?

Nowadays, pets have become the most familiar figure in our daily life because of the distance between people. It seems to be getting farther and farther. Everyone feels more and more lonely inside—especially some people who work hard in big cities. Loneliness has never been Never leaving us. In recent years, with the popularity of pets. More and more people feel warm. Although pets can’t speak, we can always get company from them.

The fiery pet market has made the pet food industry—a trendy sector. Various types of pet food provide our pets. With a rich diet and ensure their healthy growth. The shovel officers have never spared their pets. Buy something delicious. The fierce market has attracted many manufacturers to start producing pet food. The production of high-quality pet food is the key to ensuring sales. So for manufacturers. How should they promote their pet food?

How do I market my pet food?

According to a professional technical article. On the three most popular pet food production lines in 2021. However, there are many pet food manufacturers now. Specialty foods or high-quality foods will always urgently need in the market as long as we can guarantee pet food Quality. Customers are naturally attracted. There are also many ways to promote sales. The premise is to establish a complete set of customer information lists. Then sell it at a pet store or door-to-door sales. Or sell it at a pet hospital. Sell it at a pet center. Or build a specialty store. There are many ways to sell online. And when the brand can reach a certain level. It can be on the supermarket shelf, etc. There are many ways to promote.

To make their pet food stand out in the fiercely competitive market. Manufacturers must have the courage to make breakthroughs and innovations.

When producing pet food. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the pet food market. Therefore, it is indispensable to do your homework. In advance, to understand. What is the most popular pet food on the market now? According to the mainstream market. You can guarantee that you will not lose money in addition. It is essential to develop exceptional pet food. You can set different formulas according to market demand. Improve the taste of food, etc. To make your pet food more distinctive. So that expanding the market will be easy.

On the other hand, it is essential to improve the quality of pet food and use relatively high-quality raw materials and relatively reliable formulas. High-quality production equipment must also be used. High-quality equipment can retain to the greatest extent during the production process—the nutrition in the raw materials. Make pet food more palatable. More popular with pets.

The Pet Food Production Line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturers well receive it. Now many well-known manufacturers are using our equipment. The practice has proved that the production line. It can effectively help manufacturers improve product quality. And further, expand the market. We have also reached a long-term friendly relationship with these well-known manufacturers.

We can provide customized services. Our engineers can develop and produce according to the needs of manufacturers. And have the most suitable production equipment. This is highly beneficial to some small. And medium-sized enterprises. And can obtain the highest return with the lowest investment. In addition, our Pet Food Production Line is very cost-effective. It is not only reliable in quality and high in production efficiency. But also low in price. It is our goal to benefit more small and medium-sized enterprises—our biscuit production line. Corn flakes production line and soy meat machine are equally good in quality. It is inexpensive. And can provide high-quality food for major manufacturers.
After having high-quality food, we must take some corresponding measures to open up market awareness. The promotion of pet food is closely related to the strength of the brand and brand positioning. Therefore, it is essential to locate the user well to be successful—more long-term. Advertising can effectively open up awareness if funds are not supported. You can start small. And start selling in pet shops or selling on the website as long as the product positioning is accurate. And the quality is reliable. You want to have long-term development. It’s straightforward.
The pet food market is scorching now as long as society is in a stage of rapid development. Struggling people always need animals to bring a little warmth and companionship. So pet food will continue to be very hot in the future. Pet food is not difficult to sell as long as the quality of the food is guaranteed. There will always be many customers coming here. And honesty can succeed!