What is the main ingredient in dog food?

What is the main ingredient in dog food? Dogs are omnivorous animals that mainly eat meat, so the largest proportion of the ingredients in dog food is meat. Which mainly includes fish, beef, chicken, and duck. Meat mainly satisfies the dog’s animal protein needs, which is also the most critical nutrient component for the growth of the dog. In addition, the ingredients that provide animal protein include meat meal (or fish meal), eggs and so on.
Secondly, there are grains, fruits and vegetables ingredients. Which mainly provide nutrients such as plant protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals for dogs. In addition, there are animal accessories, animal oil, etc., which mainly provide energy such as fat and protein. Some have some additional ingredients, such as vitamins, skin care products, preservatives, food attractants, etc. 

Nutrients needed by pets:

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for pets. In order to ensure the survival, health, development, reproduction, heartbeat, blood circulation, gastrointestinal peristalsis, muscle contraction and other activities. Pets need a lot of energy, and 80% of these required energy is provided by carbohydrates. of.

Protein is an important source of pet body tissues and somatic cells. Protein plays a variety of functions such as conduction, transportation, support, protection, and exercise. Protein also plays a role in catalysis, regulation and maintenance of life activities in pet life and physiological metabolic activities.

Fat is an important component of pet body tissue, and it is involved in almost all cell formation and repair. The skin, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and internal organs of pets contain fat. The body fat of a pet dog accounts for up to 10-20% of its own body weight.
Fat is the most important source of energy.


Minerals are another type of nutrients that are indispensable for pets. They include elements required by the human body, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Minerals are an important raw material for forming a pet dog’s collective organization, helping to regulate the body’s acid-base balance, muscle contraction, and nerve response.

Vitamin is a low-molecular-weight organic compound that is necessary for the metabolism of pets and is a low-molecular-weight organic compound that is generally not synthesized in the body. It mainly depends on the provision of pet food and dog food. Except for a few vitamins, most of the requirements are in dogs. Added to the grain.

Water is an important condition for the survival of humans and animals (including all living things). Water can transport various substances necessary for life and eliminate unnecessary metabolites in the body, and promote all chemical reactions in the body.

In order to meet the needs of pet food processing plants and produce high-quality and healthy dog food. Our company has developed a new type of Pet Food Production Line based on past experience and listening to the opinions of customers. In order to improve pets’ protein and various other nutrients, the pet food production line uses meat meal, grains, beans and vegetables as raw materials to create a new form of pet food with a unique taste that allows pets to live healthier.

Process composition of Pet Food Production Line:

  1. Mixer: Mix corn flour, rice flour, soybean flour, meat flour, cereal flour, additives and other raw materials evenly.
  2. Feeding machine: The motor is used as the power of the screw conveyor to transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and fast loading.
  3. Extruder: In the high temperature and high pressure environment, the screw is extruded to make feed of different specifications, and the specific particle size and shape can be changed.
  4. Conveyor: convey the feed to the oven.
  5. Oven: The oven is mostly an electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet, and the inside is a double-layer mesh bag to reduce the moisture of the feed pellets, promote the maturation rate, and increase the shelf life.
  6. Seasoning line: Injector spraying oil, attractant, etc. The seasoning tube has octagonal tube, tube body, lifting single tube, double tube seasoning line. According to the output and the nature of the product, the grease is sprayed on the surface of the feed, the ground meat and spices are sprayed and spread evenly.

Our pet food production line adopts international advanced modern technology, and the particle size is very uniform.The tool speed can be adjusted, and the mold can be adjusted to obtain particles of different diameters and various forms. The quality of the pellets is close to that of humans in terms of fineness, health index and nutritional content, so it can be eaten with confidence.

Where does the meat in dog food come from?

Nowadays, more and more people have pets, and the most common pet is the dog. The dog is a very humane animal, can bring people a lot of warmth, so more and more people have dogs. When raising a dog in order to be able to give the dog comprehensive and rich nutrition, dog food has become the most commonly available food.

Nowadays, there is a lot of dog food on the market, and manufacturers have made many different dog food to attract more consumers. Today there is dog food with meat particles, which are more attractive and nutritious for dogs. So, where does the meat in dog food come from?

Where does the meat in dog food come from?

The professional technical article in the top 3 pet food production lines by sales in 2021 shows that in order to make dog food have sufficient nutrition, manufacturers usually use meat as the main raw material to produce dog food, and they will directly grind the meat and mix it into the dog food. Among them, or the meat is made into meat pellets and mixed with dog food. The meat in dog food usually comes from chicken, duck, beef, lamb, and fish.

Many brands of dog food are “meat” as the first ingredient. In fact, the “meat” in dog food has a very strict definition. Generally speaking, “meat” in dog food is mainly composed of muscle tissue from cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats, while non-mammals, such as poultry or fish, cannot be listed as “meat” on the label but must be clearly defined as poultry or fish.

Therefore, when you see “meat” ingredients in dog food, you should clearly understand which type of meat it refers to.

In fact, the “meat” ingredient in many brands of dog food is a meat powder, not real meat, and these meat powders

These meat powders may not be made from real meat, but more like animal bones or liver.

If you want to know how much meat is in dog food, you can follow the following method to determine:

The 95 Rule

The 95 rule requires that if a dog food is named after an animal, then at least 95% of the ingredients in the food must come from that animal. For example, if a dog food is called “lamb dog food,” it contains at least 95% lamb.

25 The “dinner” rule

If a dog food has at least 25% of the named ingredients (before processing, not counting additional water added) but less than 95%, then use the “dinner” rule. If you see a dog food called “Salmon Dog Food Formula,” that is proof that at least 25% of the ingredients in the food come from salmon.

The 3% “Contains” Rule

The 3% “with” rule is more common. For example, when a dog food has the word “with” in its name, it is time to use the 3% rule. Then “with” the ingredients can not be less than 3%.

The rule of taste

Some dog food name is “beef flavored dog food” or “chicken flavored dog food,” etc., all contain the word “flavor” (Flavor), then it proves that the dog food in the meat content is very low.

After your dog has eaten the food, you can determine the meat content from your dog’s stool. If your dog’s stool is black, the food has a high meat content. Dog food with more meat is better for your dog’s health, so you need to be careful before buying it.

The meat in dog food comes from a variety of animals, and the only way to ensure that the nutrients in the meat are not lost is to use professional production equipment, such as the Pet Food Production Line.

The Pet Food Production Line is a very well-known food machine in the industry. It has been exported to Singapore, Canada, Pakistan, and France, contributing to the development of the pet food industry there.

The line has a very high-cost performance. The stainless steel material ensures the quality of the equipment, and the highly automated production method makes the production efficient and high-quality, stable in operation, simple in operation, and convenient to clean. It is high-quality equipment for manufacturers to reduce production costs.

If you want to know more information about dog food, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with more cutting-edge information!

How much do pet store owners make a year?

How much money can you earn by opening a pet shop in a year? This has to pass the test of time, and there are too many factors involved. As a new type of industry, if you want to be successful in the pet industry, the key lies in whether you put in more energy to bring health, beauty, and happiness to every pet.

How much do pet store owners make a year? I believe many investors cannot give an exact figure. According to the survey, the profit of each shop is different. Some pet shops have an annual income of more than 200,000 yuan, some have a profit of more than 400,000 yuan, and some have less than 100,000 yuan. There are many factors that affect the profitability of pet shops, such as the scale of investment, franchise brands, pet shop addresses, and the most critical pet shop operators’ operating capabilities.

It can be seen that the specific profit of a pet shop cannot be generalized. No matter what kind of pet shop wants to make money, it must ensure the source of customers. The more source of customers will make more money. The most effective way to ensure the source of customers is Improve the technology and service quality of pet shops. Newly opened pet shops must not be anxious to make money and ignore many details. In the early stage, we should accumulate customers. Only when the pet shop has a certain customer base, making money is a matter of course.

With good technology and professionalism in pet shops, the annual profit of opening a pet shop can reach hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. If you do not have enough confidence to be professional, you must choose to join some professional pet shops. This has great benefits. First, it can teach you some professional skills, and second, it can teach you some operational knowledge. In addition, it can also increase your chances of practice during the learning process.

The profitability of opening a pet shop is also affected by the size of the pet shop. In general, small pet shops have the least investment, and their income is naturally good when they are well managed. The investment of a large pet shop is large, and the return is naturally large. Regarding the profit of a pet shop, it depends on the scale of your investment and your location, and the most important thing depends on how you manage it. If you want a pet shop to make more profit, you must do your best in all aspects.

Our company is a professional supplier of food processing machinery. Our main products include puffed snack production line, sandwich snack production line, corn flakes/breakfast cereal production line, pasta/grain flakes production line, artificial rice production line, pet food production line, etc. All production lines are customized, and our professional engineers will provide different customers with the most suitable solutions to meet the various needs of customers.

The Pet Food Production Line is developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. The processing machinery is suitable for the production of pet food, dog food, cat food and fish feed, shrimp feed, etc. The extruder can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters to make the product novel in appearance, novel in taste, rich in nutrition, and delicate in organization, which is suitable for the taste of different pets.

Features of Pet Food Production Line:

  1. All pet food equipment is made of stainless steel and meets food safety requirements.
  2. Automatic continuous production of pet food production line.
  3. The design is novel and unique, the structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the disassembly and assembly are convenient, and the operation is convenient.
  4. By changing the extruder die, the shape and size of the final pet food can be different.
  5. The main motor adopts high-quality Y series two-phase and three-phase motors to ensure strong power.
  6. The packaging machine can be used in conjunction with the production line (depending on your requirements).
  7. Friendly man-machine interface and accurate control ensure that food is processed under stable temperature, pressure, humidity and other environments.

With the continuous increase of pet varieties, people’s demand for pet food is also increasing. The development of pet food industry is getting better and better. At the same time, it also drives the development of related industries. Engaging in this industry can bring considerable benefits. We are willing to cooperate with customers for mutual benefit and win-win. All inquiries are welcome.

What do dog owners buy most?

Nowadays, having a pet is no longer a new thing. More and more ordinary people start to have pets to get a thought of warmth from them. In the pet market, dogs are more popular than cats because dogs are more humane, some smart dogs can even understand the owner’s instructions, so many people have dogs.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of dogs, owners need to buy various related supplies for dogs. Under normal circumstances, what are the most common items that dog owners purchase for dogs?

What do dog owners buy most?

Data show that the pet industry is growing very rapidly and is very profitable. During 2019 the U.S. pet industry spent about $95.7 billion, and the amount paid in the last two years has continued to increase. Among them, consumers spend the most on pet food and pet snacks, more than $36.9 billion, and more specifically, most of these funds are spent on dog food and cat food. The above is drawn from the professional and technical article Top 10 Pet Food Lines for Cost-Effectiveness in 2021.

The pet industry has been experiencing explosive growth. Today, nearly 85 million households in the U.S. have pets. In the past 30 years, pet ownership has risen from 56% of all families to 68%. The rising economy has also made owners more willing to spend money on their pets, and expenses continue to rise.

Generally speaking, pet spending is divided into four categories: pet food and snacks, pet supplies, pet medicine, and veterinary care, of which the highest spending is on pet food, so it is clear that dog owners buy the most dog food daily.

Now consumers do not want traditional pet dog food; they want to have more healthy ingredients of dog food. The development of the network also allows consumers to have a deeper understanding of dog food. They know more about how to select nutritious dog food. Therefore, if manufacturers want to stand out in the dog food industry, they must produce high-quality dog food to meet the needs of consumers.

Today’s dog foods have achieved very balanced nutrition, and manufacturers have mastered the essential nutrients and nutritional requirements of dogs. Although the minimum levels of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients and the maximum required levels of most nutrients are known. However, what still needs to be determined are the optimal ideal levels of various nutrients for various animals.

 Especially for some elderly dogs, there are no specific recommendations for the diet of elderly animals. More in-depth research is needed on the digestibility of food and how the intestines of elderly animals change with age. These issues will point to the future direction of the pet food industry.

Dog food is the most purchased item by owners and therefore has the highest profits accordingly. If manufacturers can solve some of the problems faced in dog food at this stage, it will be very simple to become a well-known dog food brand.

When producing dog food, manufacturers use high-quality raw materials and use equipment with superior performance. The quality of the equipment will greatly affect the quality of dog food. Pet Food Production Line is a new type of equipment recognized by many manufacturers.

Why do manufacturers use pet food production equipment?

1. Food-grade stainless steel material, long service life, segmented combination screw, wide range of applicable raw materials, more diverse products.

2. Automatic lubrication system, reducing the mechanical energy consumption and extending the service life.

3. Twin-screw with self-cleaning function, using the equipment is more reasonable and convenient.

4. Different screws and L/D ratios can meet different production processes.

5. Visible automatic temperature control system makes temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate.

6. Easy to operate and maintain.

Pet Food Production Line provides more efficient production methods and better quality for many well-known dog food manufacturers. The line is inexpensive, has a high-cost performance, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; we can also customize the equipment according to manufacturers’ requirements to provide maximum help.

Dog food is the most purchased item by pet owners. The market potential is enormous, and the future will always maintain a high level of development. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us!

What is the healthiest dog food for senior dogs?

Dogs are our most loyal guardians. Their lives have only been a short ten years, and they have always treated you the same for ten years. Therefore, more and more people are starting to raise dogs. Just like people, when dogs get older, their health will also deteriorate, and ordinary dog food is no longer suitable for older dogs.

Many owners worry about the same for older dogs because the gut of older dogs is very fragile, so the diet should pay extra attention. So what kind of dog food is the healthiest for older dogs?

What is the healthiest dog food for senior dogs?

Professional technical article The top 8 quality food production lines in 2021 show that when your dog’s nose starts to become gray and face starts to turn white, it proves that your dog has entered old age. It is time to adjust the dog’s diet.

A senior dog’s diet should contain an above-average amount of protein, a moderate amount of fat, a lower than average amount of calories, and no high-risk preservatives.

When buying dog food for senior dogs, you should choose something natural. No antibiotics, sweeteners, growth hormones, fecal coagulants, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic inducers should be added as these additives can damage your dog’s kidney function and are a deadly threat to senior dogs.

The following recommends several dog foods that are more suitable for elderly dogs;

1. Wellness Core Senior Dog Food

This dog food extracts most of the meat protein from fresh ground turkey and chicken. It is a grain-free formula with high levels of omega-rich salmon oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin to promote joint health and provide optimal calories for weight control, making it the best choice for senior dogs.

2. Orijen Senior Dog Food

This brand has always advocated a meat-based “biologically appropriate” diet, and this dog food contains 43% protein, 17% fat, and 32% carbohydrates, making it ideal for senior dogs.

3. Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ Senior Chicken and Rice

In addition to being protein-rich and very healthy, this dog food also contains MCT, a fatty acid derived from certain vegetable oils. Studies have shown that MCT can improve cognitive function in older dogs, and the addition of this ingredient makes it the most recognized senior dog food among consumers.

4. Nom Nom Beef Mash Fresh Dog Food

This dog food has most of the animal protein from fresh ground beef and does not contain any grains; the main thing is that it looks like homemade dog food. If you want to give your dog homemade dog food, this is a good choice.

5.Go! Carnivore Senior Formula

With no wheat, corn, or soy and with added glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint health, this non-GMO brand is a solid choice for your senior dog.

In summary, when choosing dog food for your senior dog, you should follow these points:

1. Choose a dog food that can be highly digested and absorbed to enhance physical fitness, with vitamin E and vitamin C synergistic antioxidants to protect cells from aging and delay aging.

2. Choose a senior dog food rich in high-quality protein, easy to digest, easy to bite and chew, and improve digestion safety.

3. When choosing senior dog food, you can see if it is rich in seaweed and oats. Seaweed is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E antioxidants. These two can protect the health of the cardiovascular system, oats are rich in protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, can reduce cholesterol, and ensure nutrition and efficient absorption.

The dog food for senior dogs is made with high-quality formulas and is produced using high-quality production lines, thus ensuring quality.

The Pet Food Production Line is well known for producing many types of pet food, such as dog food, cat food, and fish food. The line is reliable, smooth, cost-effective, and at the forefront of product quality and efficiency. Now we have become a long-term partner of many well-known companies. If you want to improve the quality of your production, please contact us. We will recommend the best Pet Food Production Line for you!

How much money is in the dog industry?

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, making many people feel less warm and more lonely inside. In this case, the pet industry is gradually becoming hot. The improvement of the economic level also allows people to afford to keep pets, of which dogs are the most popular, with the company of dogs to enhance the happiness of life a lot.

Nowadays, the pet dog industry is the fastest-growing pet industry, which contains enormous profits, and it can even be said that the pet dog industry is a profitable industry. Faced with such a prosperous pet dog industry, many people have also asked questions: How big is the pet dog industry?

How much money is in the dog industry?

Professional technical articles in the top 8 quality pet food production lines in 2021 show that the pet industry is always in a stage of rapid development. Data show that the U.S. pet market sales revenue in the past decade increased year by year, from $50.96 billion in 2011 to an estimated $ 99.1 billion last year, the total market size increased by 51.4%. The dog industry has the largest share, followed by cats.

The reason why the pet industry is so hot is mainly due to the improvement of the public economy. The improvement of the economy also allows pet owners to have more funds to buy pet supplies. Of the total sales in the United States in 2020, $42 billion will be spent on pet food, and snacks, up 9.7% year-over-year; $31.4 billion will be spent on veterinary care and product sales, up 7.2%; and $22.1 billion will be spent on supplies, live animals and over-the-counter drugs, up 15.1% from 2019.

From this, we can see that where owners spend the most is on dog food, with 61% of pet owners willing to pay more for food that meets their dog’s dietary needs, according to the survey.

The pet food industry is one of the most critical components of the pet industry. Pet owners are well aware of the impact pet food has on their pet’s health, with 43% of dog owners typically willing to pay more money for better quality dog food. According to the latest pet food industry statistics, dog food e-commerce sales have also increased, with Amazon being one of the leaders, with sales up 45% over the previous year.

Online pet food sales statistics show that 73 percent of pet owners buy food online, while 68 percent buy food at pet specialty stores.

The growth in the dog food industry can be attributed to an increase in the number of choices, with owners being able to choose from a variety of types of dog food for their dogs, including:

1. Regular, natural, and organic canned dog food

2. Dry food for adult dogs

3. Wet food for puppies

4. Puppy dry food

The increased selectivity has kept the dog food industry in a rapid growth phase.

The amazing profits have attracted countless people who want to engage in this industry. Although the pet dog industry includes dog food, dog snacks, grooming, and medical treatment, the fastest growing and largest proportion is the dog food industry. In this industry, you will gain a huge customer base.

The production of nutritious and safe dog food will ensure that manufacturers can gain maximum profits. You can not only harvest loyal customers but also harvest the friends behind the customers. Because dog breeders usually have their own fixed circle, they will often exchange dog breeding experiences and discuss what are the high-quality dog food. This word-of-mouth influence degree is far greater than other industries.

Therefore, it is necessary for manufacturers to develop quality formulas and use quality production equipment when producing dog food.

Pet Food Production Line is a new type of equipment developed by our engineers with advanced experience at home and abroad. With superior performance, made of stainless steel and internationally renowned brand accessories, durable and not easy to damage, the quality is very reliable. The self-cleaning system and the highly automated production method make the production more simple and efficient.

Pet Food Production Line can produce a wide range of animal feeds such as dog food, cat food, fish food, etc., which is widely applicable and cost-effective. If you have special production needs, you can contact our engineers, and they will provide you with customized services.

The pet dog industry has huge market potential and is developing very rapidly. It is an excellent opportunity to start a business now. If you encounter any problems, please contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Is Wellness Dog Food Safe?

Nowadays, more and more people have dogs, and how to give them a healthier lifestyle has become a frequent topic of conversation among owners. Dogs are different from humans; eating salt will lead to dry skin, hair loss, eye secretions increase to form tear marks, etc. Therefore, most people now choose to give their dogs to eat dog food.

There are also many brands of dog food on the market, and owners are most concerned about the safety and nutritional status of dog food, and they are always looking for better quality dog food. The Wellness brand dog food is prevalent, so is it healthy? Can dogs grow up healthily?

Is Wellness Dog Food Safe?

Professional technical article The top 10 pet food production lines by sales in 2021 show that Wellness is a very high visibility pet brand. The brand’s food quality issues can completely reassure the owners. The health of pets is at the heart of everything Wellness Brands does, so they have developed a quality assurance program to ensure that their products are safe and healthy and that their food formulations are of a very high standard.

The Wellness brand’s mission is to provide consumers with the best healthy, natural pet food. They require the highest standards from all of their suppliers. Every step of the production process is rigorous, and every ingredient is carefully processed to retain vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients.

The Wellness brand uses the highest quality ingredients and the most professional equipment to produce dog food that is carefully prepared and carefully treated to be safe.

The production process of Wellness brand dog food:

1. The ingredients are blended according to a recipe and transported into the mixer, adding the right amount of water to mix the ingredients evenly and stir into the state of dough.

2. Automatic loading machine will convey the dough into the extrusion puffing machine, in the state of high temperature and pressure dough is extruded into the shape of dog food, replace the extruder mold can produce different shapes of dog food: heart-shaped, bone, round, triangle, small fish-shaped, square, etc.

3. The conveyor will convey the dog food into the dryer for drying treatment, and the shelf life of the dried dog food will be effectively extended.

4. After finishing drying, the automatic conveyor will convey the dog food into the seasoning machine for seasoning, and the dog food will be made into different flavors.

5. After finishing the seasoning, the dog food is conveyed into the oil spraying machine. After spraying the oil, the taste of the dog food will be more attractive and more palatable for the dog.

6. Using the cooling conveyor to cool the dog food quickly, the room temperature state of the dog food packaging will not return to moisture and soften, the shelf life will be longer.

7. Finally, the packaging machine is used for packaging. The packaging machine can weigh accurately, the error rate is very small, from bag making to sealing to achieve continuous production. The packaging quality is reliable.

The above is the specific production method of the Wellness brand. Each step in the production has very strict health standards to ensure that dog food production is healthy and safe to ensure the safety of the lives of countless dogs.

For ordinary manufacturers to produce dog food of the same quality as Wellness, they must use professional production equipment. Only by using the most advanced production processes can they gain a broader market in the highly competitive dog food industry.

Pet Food Production Line is a new type of equipment developed by our engineers combining advanced experience at home and abroad, with the most advanced extrusion process, to ensure that the nutrition of raw materials will not be lost during the production process. This line has been recognized by many famous manufacturers and has reached long-term cooperation with us.

Pet Food Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The production process is clean and hygienic. The continuous and highly automated production method ensures the quality of dog food, high production efficiency, small footprint, low investment, and quick results, which is very beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises. If you also want to further expand the market scale, welcome to contact us. We will give the most favorable price to provide you with the best quality equipment!

Can I make dog treats at home and sell them?

When it comes to dog snacks, you may think that snacks are optional in the existence of dog food, but in fact, dog snacks are still essential to prepare. Because giving your dog a moderate amount of snacks can increase a lot of happiness and strengthen the interaction between you and the dog to promote the relationship between you.

And the best part is, if you can use dog snacks well, dog snacks will become your secret little weapon when training your dog. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing dog snacks? Can I make dog treats at home and sell them?  Are you still blindly selecting snacks for your dog? In fact, we can make delicious dog treats at home!

The first thing to emphasize here is that no matter what type of dog snacks you choose, we should choose the regular brand manufacturers of dog snacks to ensure the safety and health of your dog. Then you need to select the most suitable snack for your dog according to the specific function. It is necessary to be clear about the stage and purpose. When choosing, keep your eyes open and don’t confuse all the functions of dog snacks.

Considerations when choosing dog snacks:

1, the choice of puppy snacks

When choosing snacks for smaller dogs, it is best to choose a snack similar to the teething class. Because the puppy is growing, the most important thing is the growth of teeth, giving them the choice of teething class snacks intended for them to grind teeth. If not adequately prepared for such teething snacks, then your puppy from childhood may be very fond of tearing items in the house and even escalate to love to bite your hand, etc. So it’s necessary to prepare teething snacks.

2, the choice of health class dog snacks

A kind of puppy snack belonging to the health category is prevalent in the market. The primary function of this kind of snack is to strengthen some nutrition in the dog’s body. For example, if the dog recently diarrhea or gastrointestinal problems can be gradually improved through these health care snacks for dogs diet, we can selectively pick for the dog when this type of health care snacks.

3, the choice of training dog snacks

Now the dog snacks, if you count according to the classification, it is too much, which the largest proportion is training dog snacks. Because these dog snacks are very sweet and delicious, they are often given to dogs as rewards. Because dogs like this kind of snacks are very fond of eating, so prepare some during training, we can save a lot of effort to train the dogs.

There are many ways to make dog snacks, and generally, healthier dog food is a significant concern for every dog owner. Healthy collocation plays a vital role in the production of dog food. Such dog snacks are also more nutritious, and dogs love to eat. Here is a brief introduction to a common method of making dog snacks.

Dog snacks production method:

1, prepare the chicken breast and then reshape the knife into small pieces, and then choose some fresh vegetables all chopped. You can use cabbage and carrots, not only nutritious and not high cost, and put all the cut chicken breast and vegetables, etc., into the pulverizer and beaten into a puree spare.

2, prepare some cornmeal because coarse grains are more easily digested and absorbed. Pay attention to the ratio; try not to get too much at a time because you need to ensure freshness. You can put an egg.

3, then just beat the meat and vegetables and coarse grains flour mixed together, kneaded into a slightly stiffer dough, and then on the steamer, wait for the water to boil and then put the dough, high heat and steam for twenty minutes, you can take out of the pot.

4, and finally, wait for the dough to cool naturally. You can feed it directly to the dog. There is no fixed requirement for the size of the dough, and you can feed it depending on the size of your dog.

The dog snacks we make at home are still very healthy. If you find it troublesome, you can also buy a pet food maker to make dog snacks. The Pet Food Production Line can also make other types of pet food. The Pet Food Production Line can meet the needs of pets, and you can also use it to make a variety of pet foods for sale. This is also a good business opportunity.

Can you make money owning a pet store?

The status of pets in people’s daily lives is gradually rising, which has led to the rapid growth of the entire pet industry. In the pet market, pet supplies, pet clothing, pet grooming, etc., have become a fashion trend in society, so many people have the idea of opening a pet store. Can you make money owning a pet store? How to run a good pet store?

First of all, because the pet economy is growing fast, opening a pet store is definitely profitable, but it depends on how you run it. There are many details of opening a pet store. You have to do it right and form a perfect system, and your store business will be rolling in money. It is best to use Pet Food Production Line to make pet food. Whether opening a pet shop makes money or not, the key depends on how you manage it.

How to open a pet store to make money?

1, make a reasonable budget: Before opening a pet shop, all budgets must be calculated clearly, where money is used, try to be sufficient, and where money can be saved, try not to waste, the initial investment mainly includes rent, utility costs, staff expenses, the cost of pet supplies, etc.

2, the quality of service: the supply and service must be high quality, there must be long-term considerations, as long as there is an excellent source of goods, professional technology, and good service to retain more customers, to create greater profits for the pet store.

3, control the risk: learn to reduce the risk and cost of pet stores, to do as much as possible to reduce the detours in the process of operation, so that the new pet store as soon as possible on track to achieve profitability, and as far as possible to achieve no pressure on the goods.

4, accumulate customers: Newly opened pet shops should not rush to make money and ignore many details. They should accumulate customer sources in the early stage. When pet shops have certain customer sources, making money is a matter of course. Remember not to destroy the image of pet shops for temporary profits.

What are the money-making projects in pet stores?

1, pet bath: many pet owners are more concerned about the health of their pets, but pet owners do not bathe or do not like to bathe their pets, so that most pet owners will send their pets to the store every once in a while.

2, pet grooming: Many pet owners may be more resistant to pet grooming a few years ago. But with the development of the pet industry in recent years, more and more people accept pet grooming and are willing to give their pets a more popular and fashionable look.

3, pet boarding: Foster care is prevalent during holidays, especially the National Day and Spring Festival and other long vacations. Many people want to go out to play, but it is not convenient to bring pets. They are handed over to others and don’t worry about it. Pet boarding is provided convenience to many pet owners.

4, live sales: many pet stores will keep a pet as a display, will also sell pets, to provide people who like pets some better pets, and therefore favored by many people. The profits of the pet store is a relatively large business project.

5, pet supplies: Many pet shops do not have other service items, but every pet store will have pet supplies, including pet food, snacks, toys, etc., which provide consumers with great convenience and high profits. The Pet Food Production Line can process pet food, and the pet food it produces can truly meet the needs of pets.

6, pet training: many people are envious of the TV obedient pets, and pet training services in pet stores can meet their wishes, so pet training can be said to be an excellent project in the development prospects of pet stores.

Although pet shops make money, have low thresholds, and have good prospects, no matter how good the market is, you will still lose money if you don’t care about operating it. It is also difficult to run a good pet shop. It includes not only the communication between people and animals but also the communication between people. It is not easy to take both of them into consideration. Before you consider opening a pet shop, you must first master certain business methods to succeed.

What brand of dog food is healthiest?

Dogs are now pets that many families will keep. In the process of healthy growth of dogs, good quality dog ​​food must be indispensable. The quality of dog food affects the growth of dogs. There are many types of dog food. Faced with a wide variety of dog food, many people do not know how to choose. What brand of dog food is healthiest? What brand of dog food is healthiest? What should you pay attention to when choosing dog food?

Most people believe that domestic dog food is not as good as imported dog food, and commercial food is not as good as natural food. Of course, some people oppose that domestic dog food is also very good, and it avoids the problem of dog food expiration and deterioration caused by overseas mailing and human flesh purchasing. If you buy fake products, it will be more than a loss. In fact, whether domestic grain or imported grain, as long as it is officially qualified, there is generally no problem.

Let me briefly introduce a few good dog food brands, such as Newton, Pinnacle, Royal, Desire, Bernardine, etc. These are relatively well-known brands, and you can choose according to your actual situation. In fact, which dog food is good, mainly depends on whether the dog food is suitable for the dog, whether the dog loves it or not, the right dog food is good.

How to choose the right dog food?

  1. Choose from classification
    Dog food can be divided into commercial food and natural food. A good formula will definitely help the growth of dogs. When choosing dog food, choose natural food. Natural food does not contain preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Natural foods have comprehensive nutrition, fresh materials, and low salt content. They are more suitable for dogs to absorb. Dogs eating such dog foods are more nutritious. The salt content of commercial food is relatively high. Eating too much can easily cause symptoms such as skin diseases and tear marks, and the materials are not fresh. Eating too much is not good for the dog’s health.
  2. Choose your favorite taste
    Don’t buy the same kind of dog food at once. Buy some dog food for every taste, and let the dog try it for a period of time, and always pay attention to which kind of dog the dog likes to eat. grain. But when observing which type of dog food the dog likes to eat, pay special attention to the dog’s physical health. If it is observed that the dog food that the dog likes to eat does not have any uncomfortable reaction, it is fine. Appropriate dog food, the overall mental appearance of the dog is good, the hair is smooth and smooth, without tears, if the dog’s hair is dry, if it is not sick, consider the cause of the dog food.
  3. Choose according to the age of the dog
    Dogs of different ages need different nutrition. For example, puppies should choose puppy food. Dogs usually grow fast during the puppy period, and will no longer grow when they grow to a certain size, so they should be given enough energy during the puppy period. Dog food should be high in protein.

Precautions for choosing dog food:

  1. Look at the shelf life. The shelf life of dog food is as short as possible, because if it takes a long time, there must be a lot of preservatives in it.
  2. When choosing dog food, you can observe the small particles of dog food. The more irregular the particles, the better, because all dry food needs to be broken into pieces. And then pressed into a grain by a mold. If the surface is pressed very smooth and regular, it means that the expansion agent is put in more. Which is unhealthy for the dog.

In order to meet the needs of consumers and produce high-quality dog ​​food, pet food processing plants are also making continuous efforts. As a food machinery manufacturer, we have listened to customers’ opinions on the basis of past experience and modified the machinery and equipment. And successfully developed the Pet Food Production Line, which can produce high-quality and healthy dog food and other types of pet food.

Highlights of Pet Food Production Line:

  1. Frequent speed adjustment, high degree of automation and stable performance.
  2. Durable high-pressure screws with long service life.
  3. Direct and accurate automatic temperature control system.
  4. Self-cleaning does not need to be disassembled, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  5. Broad material, diversified products and flexible collocation.

Pet food making machines have brought a lot of convenience to pet food manufacturers. And also promoted the development of the pet food industry. The pet food produced meets the needs of pets. And pet owners do not need to worry about the health of their pets.