Is Wellness Dog Food Safe?

Nowadays, more and more people have dogs, and how to give them a healthier lifestyle has become a frequent topic of conversation among owners. Dogs are different from humans; eating salt will lead to dry skin, hair loss, eye secretions increase to form tear marks, etc. Therefore, most people now choose to give their dogs to eat dog food.

There are also many brands of dog food on the market, and owners are most concerned about the safety and nutritional status of dog food, and they are always looking for better quality dog food. The Wellness brand dog food is prevalent, so is it healthy? Can dogs grow up healthily?

Is Wellness Dog Food Safe?

Professional technical article The top 10 pet food production lines by sales in 2021 show that Wellness is a very high visibility pet brand. The brand’s food quality issues can completely reassure the owners. The health of pets is at the heart of everything Wellness Brands does, so they have developed a quality assurance program to ensure that their products are safe and healthy and that their food formulations are of a very high standard.

The Wellness brand’s mission is to provide consumers with the best healthy, natural pet food. They require the highest standards from all of their suppliers. Every step of the production process is rigorous, and every ingredient is carefully processed to retain vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients.

The Wellness brand uses the highest quality ingredients and the most professional equipment to produce dog food that is carefully prepared and carefully treated to be safe.

The production process of Wellness brand dog food:

1. The ingredients are blended according to a recipe and transported into the mixer, adding the right amount of water to mix the ingredients evenly and stir into the state of dough.

2. Automatic loading machine will convey the dough into the extrusion puffing machine, in the state of high temperature and pressure dough is extruded into the shape of dog food, replace the extruder mold can produce different shapes of dog food: heart-shaped, bone, round, triangle, small fish-shaped, square, etc.

3. The conveyor will convey the dog food into the dryer for drying treatment, and the shelf life of the dried dog food will be effectively extended.

4. After finishing drying, the automatic conveyor will convey the dog food into the seasoning machine for seasoning, and the dog food will be made into different flavors.

5. After finishing the seasoning, the dog food is conveyed into the oil spraying machine. After spraying the oil, the taste of the dog food will be more attractive and more palatable for the dog.

6. Using the cooling conveyor to cool the dog food quickly, the room temperature state of the dog food packaging will not return to moisture and soften, the shelf life will be longer.

7. Finally, the packaging machine is used for packaging. The packaging machine can weigh accurately, the error rate is very small, from bag making to sealing to achieve continuous production. The packaging quality is reliable.

The above is the specific production method of the Wellness brand. Each step in the production has very strict health standards to ensure that dog food production is healthy and safe to ensure the safety of the lives of countless dogs.

For ordinary manufacturers to produce dog food of the same quality as Wellness, they must use professional production equipment. Only by using the most advanced production processes can they gain a broader market in the highly competitive dog food industry.

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