Is the pet industry growing or shrinking?

Keeping pets has become a widespread thing, especially for people living in cities. Keeping pets is an essential thing in their lives, and they even treat their pets as their children or Family. Owning a pet can provide company and comfort in life to have a spiritual sustenance afterlife and work. And pets are spiritual, and you can get their love if you love them.

So Is the pet industry growing or shrinking?

From 2010 to 2020, the market size of China’s pet industry has increased from 13.44 billion yuan to 72.73 billion yuan. With an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 20%, which is higher than the global growth rate.

It is estimated that the U.S. pet industry will reach 99 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The industry is growing steadily year by year. It had grown from 97.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 99 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

The pet industry is undoubtedly growing with the increasing development and prosperity of society. The role of pets is also gradually transforming cats, and dogs are increasingly regarded as indispensable members of the Family, rather than simply Companion pets.

The proportion of pet expenditure in household consumption is also increasing. The pet industry involves a wide range of industries, including two significant initiatives. One is pet products, and the other is pet services. Pet products include pet trading, pet staple food, pet snacks, pet cleaning supplies, etc., pet services include pet medical treatment, pet grooming, and pet training.

The most worthy of everyone’s attention is which industry in the pet industry is more deserving of business. To raise a pet, you must first choose a pet that has always been loved and healthy. Although there are no specialized institutions and enterprises for large-scale animal breeding and live breeding, live breeding is still relatively active. The second is pet food, supplies, and other aspects. The living environment provided by each class for pets is different, but pet food must be purchased anyway.

Pet food mainly provides nutrients needed for the life assurance, growth, and health of various pets. According to specific functions, pet food is divided into pet food, pet snacks, and pet health products. The pet food market has increased in recent years. In the pet industry, the most profitable business is pet food.

Suppose you plan to start a pet food business. You can focus on understanding the pet food manufacturing process and the required raw materials. Now that the development of machinery technology is becoming more and more perfect. Pet Food Production Line has become the first choice of food manufacturers.

When reproducing dog food and the choice of raw materials is the choice of machinery, the raw materials of pet food are mostly wheat/cornmeal, fish meal, corn starch, animal oil, etc.

The Pet Food Production Line is a fully automatic food-grade processing line. It is a series of equipment and machinery specialized in processing and producing pet food, including grinders, powder mixers, extruders, air-bed coolers, hot air dryers. And blenders, Oven, puffing machine, fuel injection machine, seasoning line, etc. The above structure of the pet food production line is provided by the most influential food technology article in 2021.

A high-performance Pet Food Production Line can help you produce high-quality food, hoping to get the most benefit for you.