Is pet food made in China?

As more and more people keep pets and pet food market education is becoming more and more popular. Many pet lovers have realized the importance of feeding professional pet food to their pets. Therefore, more and more pet owners choose to feed their pets with pet food for a long time. Among the various parts of the pet industry, pet food is undoubtedly the segment that accounts for the largest proportion of pet consumption. And it is also the most competitive market.
After years of development, my country’s pet food industry has become a large-scale industry with three major categories: staple food, pet snacks and health products. Indeed, with the improvement of people’s living standards. China’s pet market has begun to enter a period of vigorous development. Is pet food made in China? What is the current development scale of my country’s pet food market, what is the market pattern, and is brand competition fierce?
In fact, pet food first originated in the United Kingdom. After that, the world’s first bag of puffed dog food came out in the United States. Since then, pet food made by the puffing process has taken over pets with absolute advantages such as comprehensive nutrition, convenient feeding, and time saving The main position of food. The middle and latter part of the last century was a stage of rapid development of pet food in the United States and throughout Europe.
With the deepening of reform and opening up, people’s living standards have gradually improved, and people have a higher level of pursuit of spiritual life. The concept of pets has quietly emerged in China, making pet food and related industries take shape. Entering the 21st century, the continuous deepening of internationalization has allowed my country to get rid of the backwardness and unfamiliarity of pet food and the pet industry. Driven by strong economic growth, the domestic pet food and related industry markets have also seen unprecedented prosperity.
China’s pet food production bases are mainly concentrated in Shandong, Tianjin, and Northeast China are mainly concentrated in Dandong, Dalian, and there are also sporadic production in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The Shandong area is mainly concentrated in the Jiaodong Peninsula, with Qingdao, Yantai and Weifang as the main areas. Pet food production companies are mainly concentrated in Jiaonan City and Chengyang District, and the Jiaonan area has formed a dense industrial chain. There are many supporting enterprises, complete product varieties, and there are not a few enterprises with independent export rights.

There are roughly several categories of pet food:
1. Pet staple food (cat food, dog food);  
2. Pet snacks (canned food for cats and dogs, fresh packages, meat strips, jerky, etc.);  
3. Pet nutrition and health products (calcium, vitamin, protein and other nutrition products for cats and dogs).

After about ten years of development of pet food in China, pet owners in large and medium-sized cities in China are becoming more and more aware of pet food consumption. Among them, cat food and dog food are the most consumed. And pets are second only to cat food and dog food. Snacks and pet nutrition and health products are also being recognized by most pet owners at an alarming rate. These three pieces constitute the mainstream consumer category of pet food in China.
Although the domestic pet food market is surging and presents a pattern of blooming flowers. In general, it is a war between local brands and foreign brands. In this battlefield without gunpowder, all large and medium-sized enterprises are constantly exploring. We are A food machinery manufacturer is also actively researching and developing new products. The Pet Food Production Line is a new type of advanced equipment that can meet the needs of pets.
The pet food production line uses meat meal, fish meal, corn meal. Soybean meal and other grain meal as the main raw materials. By changing the shape and taste. Pet food of different shapes and flavors.

Such as dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, etc. can be made. In the extruder, when the raw material moves toward the open end of the extruder. The raw material is cooked under high temperature and high pressure, where the raw material is formed by a die and a knife. The automatic extruder is simple to operate, stable in performance, reliable in quality and trustworthy.
Looking at the current market structure, my country’s pet industry needs to be improved. The Pet Food Production Line has brought many conveniences to the development of the pet food industry. It is a boon for pet food processing plants and also drives the development of my country’s pet industry. I believe that the future of the domestic pet food market will definitely get better and better.