Is dog food made from horse meat?

As more and more people keep pets, there are more and more types of pet food. Many people will check the dog food ingredient list when choosing pet food, which will have names such as meat, meat meal, and meat by-products.

So do you know how dog food is made? Is dog food made from horse meat?
Horse meat used to be the main ingredient of pet food. According to Nestlé, in the 1920s, slaughterhouses opened pet food companies to process horse meat. Today, Nestlé stated that most pet food companies do not claim to use horse meat partly because they fear preventing people from buying the product.

Dog food ingredients usually include protein, fat, carbohydrates, and water, etc. And the first three are also the primary sources of calories needed by the dog’s body. To judge whether a dog food brand is good or not, the key is to look at the dog food ingredients.
Now dog food is so balanced in nutrition, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals… Let’s talk about the production of dry dog ​​food.
The raw materials of dog food include corn kernels, barley, wheat, and rice. They are mixed in a particular proportion, firstly ground with a milling machine and then beaten together with a mixer. By the way, of course, there are meats, which are all mixed in the raw materials.

So why is meat powder added to dog food?

Dogs need higher protein, and if they only use fresh meat, they need a lot of fresh meat.

The moisture content of fresh meat itself is higher than the protein content. After the drying process, the protein content of the dog food will be lower.

Therefore, most manufacturers will choose to use a mixture of fresh meat and meat meal to produce dog food to balance product quality and production costs.

Is meat meal good?

Many people will say that meat is better than a meat meal, but if sound quality meat meal is similar to the beef of the same quality.

We need to worry about the quality of meat meals because the relevant regulations for meat meal production in our country are still not detailed enough.

Both fresh meat and meat powder can make good dog food. We need to know where the fresh meat was bought, how the fresh meat was processed, where the meat powder was purchased, and how it was processed meat meal.

Professional pet food manufacturers produce the pet foods we see in shopping malls or pet stores through the Pet food production line.

All the food is steamed in the Pet food production line, and then the mixture is extruded from the mold with high pressure. There are various shapes in the mold…such as dog bones. Use an extruder to squeeze out the dog food into pellets of appropriate size. . Then, the rotating knife cuts the extruded dog food into sections at a suitable speed.

Then enter the following assembly line, stay in the warm air dryer for 25 minutes, heat the current dog food to 149°C to remove moisture, and cool it at room temperature.

Then send the cooled dog food to a blender, spray it with grease and seasoning…Yes! You read that right, and the herb is for appetizing the dog and for the taste of dog food. Constant flipping ensures even coverage.

Finally, all dog food is packaged into bags and shipped out of the factory.

The production process of the Pet food production line is clean and hygienic, ensuring the nutritional needs of pets. If you want to develop a pet food business, you can consult us to learn more about machinery.