Is dog food from China bad?

What is the status quo of domestic dog food? Is dog food from China bad? Why do some people say that domestic dog food is bad?

The status quo of domestic dog food is actually getting better and better. The market is now undergoing a “shuffle” stage. With the emergence of the first batch of domestic brands such as Bernard and Biller, they also represent the emerging domestic dog food. The quality is still recognized by consumers, and a large number of emerging domestic brands such as Youlijian and Douchai have also emerged in recent years.

As for why it is said that domestic dog food is not good, the main reason is price discrimination. The price of imported food is often several times that of domestic food. Consumers cannot accept the same quality of domestic food, so this market is still consumer awareness. Form-led, most of the domestic emerging brands in the past few years have begun to adopt the concept of “cheap and good goods”. This is actually a good thing for domestic consumers.

In fact, many foreign brands of pet food are mostly processed by domestic factories through the Pet Food Production Line. Many raw materials are selected domestically. Unless some individual materials may be transported from abroad, most of the materials are basically taken from China, so domestic Many brands are also trustworthy, and it is believed that the development of domestic grains will get better and better in the near future.

At present, the dog food market in our country is flooded with many kinds of dog food. In the face of the hype from the manufacturers, we will be confused when we buy it. We don’t know which one to choose. Do you have the following kinds of mistakes?

1、Inconsistent shape is bad dog food
When choosing dog food for their pets, many pet owners like to judge the quality of the dog food from the aspects of the shape, size, rules and regularity of the dry puffed dog food particles. In fact, this is not correct. Dog food is made from a variety of raw materials through the Pet Food Production Line deep-processing process. It belongs to mass production, and an important link in the middle is puffing.

Puffing is the variation caused by the water rushing out of the particles instantaneously. So it is relatively random. But generally, corn, starch, flour, etc. are also used in the production of dog food. This kind of plant has good control over the shape, so the shape of dog food is easy to be consistent. As for whether the appearance is square or round, whether it is long or short, it has no effect on the dogs. As long as it meets the physiological stage of the pet, it is fine to urinate and defecate normally.

2、Good color is good dog food
The color of dog food can partly reflect the composition of dog food ingredients. Dogs are meat-based omnivorous animals. The color of high-quality dog ​​food should reflect the color of meat. Meat will appear brown or dark brown after high temperature puffing. Therefore, dog food with more meat ingredients will be better than Grain with less content is darker in color. However, pet food made from chicken breast is lighter in color.
Dogs are not sensitive to the distinction of colors, and whether the colors are bright is of little significance. 

3、The taste is not good, not good dog food
Many owners will habitually smell it first when choosing dog food for their pets. This method is normal and necessary. However, it is difficult for us to judge the dog’s preferences based on our own sense of smell. Dogs’ sense of smell is more than forty times that of humans and can distinguish various odors, so they have different preferences for food odors.

4、Dog food with a smooth surface must be good

Dog food contains a lot of meat tissue fibers. Many pet owners want their pets to eat more delicate dog food, so the finer the better, but do our dogs like it or not? First of all, dogs don’t like to eat too delicate food, especially if you soak this kind of dog food in water before feeding, this kind of dog food will become very sticky. For dogs, they prefer to eat something harder. Dog food.

If you want to buy imported natural dog food, try to find some reputable sellers that can trace the source through friends. Such a seller can guarantee that you will not spend a lot of money, but also that you must choose high-quality dog ​​food. If you are buying domestic dog food, in addition to the above method of finding someone, you can also buy it through the brand’s online flagship store or through their official website to ask authorized stores. I hope everyone can find a high-quality dog ​​food suitable for their own dogs.