How profitable is the pet industry?

With the improvement of the economy, people’s income is also increasing, which makes people unable to keep pets. In the general environment and a better economic climate, some ordinary families can also pay for pets.

In addition to buying pets, one has to care about the pets’ health, the purchase of pet food, and related toys for pets to play with. This will be a significant expenditure. This means that people’s spending power on pet dogs has dramatically improved, and because of this, the pet industry is on the rise.

How profitable is the pet industry?

What is the profitability of the pet industry? According to APPA’s estimates, the total expenditure on pet products in 2019 was US$95.7 billion. Pet owners spend the most on food and snacks-$36.9 billion. Sales of veterinary care and products followed closely at $29.3 billion, while sales of supplies and over-the-counter drugs were $19.2 billion.

The pet industry is undoubtedly profitable. The pet industry refers to all pet-related sectors such as pet food, pet medical care, pet clothing, pet cages, and pet supplies. Do you know the various industry fields of pets? Here is an introduction to which the pet industry is divided?

1.Pet trading

At present, apart from evil pets, it is roughly divided into online and offline. Some major online platforms sell (such as Xianyu) and some media that specialize in live pets. This kind of problem is that many people will buy sick pets and may die soon. There are currently no relatively well-known brands or guarantors online, but this type of industry development is still somewhat optimistic.

Offline is mainly divided into the private cattery and offline store sales. Private cattery generally cooperates with offline stores, and some are purchased through acquaintances. The advantage of offline stores is that they can be seen and touched, and it is generally believed that the store is well-known. However, the offline live price is too high, and there is no concept of judgment for the pet Xiaobai.

2.Pet Service

At present, pet services are mostly offline pet care shops, including washing and care, snack sales, and grooming. There are currently several types of stores on the market, one is self-operated offline experience stores, and the other is pet stores in the form of franchising, like Bodog. Some are self-operated pet shops.

At present, offline pet shops mainly apply for cards, and the single consumption of washing and nursing is between 60-150. Offline pet shops cover a radius of about 1km, so there needs to be dense enough coverage, and the care of pet shops is a bit like offline manicure and hairdressing, which tends to be word-of-mouth.

  • Pet medical
  • At present, there are already relatively large-scale pet medical companies, such as Peng Rui, and they have been listed. There are quite a several medical brands under it. This type of industry needs to have an industry background and precipitation.
  • At present, this area is still focused on pet medical care. For drugs, the B2B supply chain, the ease of use of the C-side is currently insufficient; for example, appointments are still in the form of telephone, and medical records are still paper.
  • Pet food
  • The most important thing is pet food. Choosing high-quality food can ensure the health of small animals. Today, the Pet Food Production Line, which ultimately guarantees the cleanliness of the food, is produced by the Pet Food Production Line.
  • Pet food is mainly divided into staple food and fresh food. At present, there are some pretty good brands of staple food, such as crazy puppies. This depends on the pet owners’ views on staple foods. In the future, imported foods and staple foods will be divided into two parts, and it will take at least more than ten years of accumulation to change the pattern.

Many companies are now making fresh grains, but most people still save trouble. They mainly eat staple food with some canned food. The market where fresh food is fed should be in a niche market.

If you want to engage in the pet industry business, it is imposing. Nowadays, people’s consumption of pets is increasing day by day. If you wish to produce pet food by yourself or open a pet shop, you can get great benefits.