How often do pet owners buy pet food?

The increase in life pressure has caused many people to start keeping pets. Pets will always bring us a lot of warmth. When you are in a bad mood, they can even detect them and will snuggle by your side to accompany you. So pets have become An indispensable existence in modern life.
In order to ensure the healthy growth of pets, owners usually buy some pet food for pets to eat. These pet foods have professional formulas, rich in nutrients, and meet the nutritional needs of pets during their growth. So how often do pet owners buy pet food?

How often do pet owners buy pet food?

The professional technical article in the top ten quality pet food production lines in 2021 shows that the pet market is developing rapidly, and more and more pet owners are willing to pay a lot of money for their pets. Pet food accounts for the largest proportion of consumption. Generally speaking, different types of pet food are purchased at different frequencies. Dry food may be bought only once in a few months or even a year, while wet food may be bought once in about ten days.
Nowadays, pet owners attach great importance to their responsibilities as pet parents, so they will spend a lot on pet food, which adds up to a lot of money. In the pet industry, pet food expenditures account for the largest share, accounting for about the total. 42% of expenditure.
The purchase rate of pet food is a key factor affecting pet food snacks and targeted marketing, and affects all aspects of the pet industry. Therefore, manufacturers usually pay more attention to how often pet owners buy pet food. The number of purchases by the owner is usually determined by their lifestyle and the characteristics of pet food.
For pet owners who are busy at work, they will buy pet food for half a year or even a year on discounted days, which will save a lot of time. For pet owners who have relatively loose time, they prefer to frequent pet shops to choose suitable pet food for their pets.

The purchase rate of different types of pet food is also different.

For some dry food, 10% of pet owners will buy it once a week, 50% of pet owners will buy it once a month, and 40% of pet owners buy it more than once a month. . The purchase rate of wet food or canned pet food has increased significantly, and most pet owners will choose to buy it every half a month.
This also reflects that the marketing strategies of different pet foods should be different. For dry food, it should focus on bulk sales, while for wet food and canned food, it should be more focused on retailing in supermarkets or stores. Choosing the right marketing method will effectively increase the sales of pet food.
When pet owners choose pet food, safety and health are the first choice. The purchase rate of wet food and canned food is higher because they are more prone to spoilage. Therefore, for pet food manufacturers, producing healthy and nutritious pet food will gain the trust of more pet owners.

In addition to using high-quality pet formulas and high-quality raw materials. It is also necessary to use high-performance production equipment. Only equipment with high production technology can give full play to the greatest advantages of formulas and raw materials. And make the quality of pet food more reliable.
The Pet Food Production Line is a well-known new type of food machinery in the industry. It is developed by our engineers combining advanced domestic and foreign experience and the current market development law. It has the most advanced production technology and can retain most of the nutrition of the raw materials. Pet food has better palatability. And it can produce dog food, cat food and other pet foods. Which has been recognized by many well-known manufacturers.

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Pet food is the largest category in the pet market and has a huge market potential. If you also want to make high profits in this industry, please contact us!