How much pet food is sold per year?

With the improvement of family economic conditions, many families began to feed pets. The advantage of keeping pets is that it can have a healing effect on people. It can effectively relieve physical and mental stress and accompany the owner when the owner is bored. They were making people no longer alone and bringing us happiness.

Because of this, pet product sales are a huge market. The pet industry has become one of the fastest-growing categories. Second only to beauty products and beverages. Among them, medical treatment and food consumption of pet consumer goods are essential categories.

So How much pet food is sold per year?

According to data from Euromonitor International, global pet food sales in 2019 totaled 93.9 billion U.S. dollars. An increase of 6.5% over 2018. U.S. pet food and snack consumers accounted for 36.5% of them, buying 34.3 billion U.S. dollars of pet food and snacks, of which nearly 6 billion U.S. dollars were spent on dog and cat snacks and mixes.

The main direction of the pet industry’s future applications in the pet market will be medical treatment and food. So do you know why animals need pet food?

Pet food is food specially provided for pets and small animals. It is a high-end animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its function is mainly to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth, and health of nutrients for various pets. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and use, and the prevention of certain diseases.

Pet food covers six significant nutrients: moisture, protein, crude fat, crude ash, crude fiber, and nitrogen-free extract. The nutritional design and manufacture of pet food must be guided by a pet nutritionist specializing in pet nutrition, and a strict ratio of various nutrients must be matched. When purchasing and using foods for pets, they should be selected according to their physiological characteristics and growth stages and should be adequately checked and fed.

Because of this, the sales of pet food are on the rise every year. If you want to start a pet food business, now is an opportunity. Before that, you need to calculate the profit and ensure that the risk is minimal.

The purpose of starting a business is to make money, and the pursuit of opening a food processing factory is to make a profit. Therefore, we must calculate the profit account. Many entrepreneurs were blindly optimistic in the early stage, overestimated yields, ideally estimated capital turnover time, and underestimated losses or other costs, leading to losses and failures.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the profit account. What kind of fluctuations in the price of local raw materials, the extent, whether there are losses in the processing process, the proportion, what is the capital turnover time, the extra preparation, and whether there is a guaranteed profit such as transportation The more detailed the calculation is, the smaller the risk will be.

Of course, after preparing for this preliminary work, you need to choose a suitable Pet Food Production Line. The high-performance Pet Food Production Line can produce high-quality food and help you maximize your profits. Secondly, an excellent pet food production line can meet the needs of different animals, and other types of different feeds can be produced only by changing the mold.