How much pet food is produced?

The improvement of living standards makes people no longer satisfied with the monotonous life. High-rise buildings only give us a sense of cold distance. Suppose we want to get a little warmth in life. It seems that only small animals can bring us warmth. Now more and more families start to keep pets. The company of pets can always make our lives more colorful. And full of warmth and happiness in our lonely life.

It is precise because of the hot pet market that many pet-related industries have also become very hot—especially the pet food industry. Now everyone’s economic level has improved. Therefore, for their small animals. They want to take the whole world Give it the best. And by all kinds of pet food all at home for your baby. I don’t know if you have noticed how much pet food you have when purchasing pet food?

How much pet food is produced?

Pet food refers explicitly to food specially developed and produced for pet groups. Including three significant areas: staple food. Snacks. Nutrition. According to a professional technical article in the top three pet food production lines regarding cost performance in 2021. The pet food industry is the industry that accounts for the most significant proportion of consumption in the pet economy. And global pet food consumption will account for more than 70% in 2019-2020. In 2020, the scale of the worldwide pet food industry was approximately US$98.07 billion—a year-on-year increase of 3.6%. Because of the enormous demand for pet food, there is a fantastic output. From the perspective of the regional distribution of the global pet food consumer market, in 2020, the pet food market in China. Japan. And the United States will account for 6.9%, 4.3%. And 37% of the global market, respectively.

From this, it can be seen that the pet market is developing very rapidly now, and the demand for pet food is also very high. I believe it will be even hotter in the future. Its high-cost performance mainly determines the popularity of pet food. It is precise because of these pet foods that our pets can grow up healthily and vigorously. And high-quality pet food is even more popular with shit scavengers.

The specific production process of pet food:

Mixer: Mix pet food ingredients such as cornflour. Rice flour. Soybean meal. Fish meal. Meat meal. And some additives with a certain proportion of water for uniform mixing.

Conveyor: convey the mixed raw materials to the extruder for further processing, and the conveying process is pollution-free and will not leak.

Twin-screw extruder: The mixed raw materials extruded and expand in a high temperature and high-pressure environment. The starch structure in the raw materials changes and becomes easily absorbed nutrients by changing the shape of the mold. Different forms of pets can be produced. Foods. Such as circles. Hearts. Triangles. And bones.

Multi-layer oven: The oven can bake the prepared pet food at a high temperature. So that the pet food can dry quickly, I can store it for a longer time.

Spraying seasoning equipment: You can sprinkle some minced meat and spices on the dried pet food to make the pet food more palatable. And this process can also effectively remove the burrs and edges of the pet food to make it smoother.

Cooling conveyor: The pet food can be quickly cooled down. It is more convenient for packaging. And does not return to moisture after packaging.

Packaging machine: The packaging machine can realize automatic packaging. And the packaging quality is more reliable.

The above is the whole process of pet food production. Nowadays, the demand for pet food is enormous. The market is comprehensive, and the output is increasing. Manufacturers want to expand the scale of production further to obtain higher profits.

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