How is Dog Food Made?

Nowadays, the pet market has seen a very rapid development. Now there are more and more people who own pets, especially dogs. Whenever they go out, they can always see people walking their dogs. Dogs are very human and can give us Add a lot of fun to your life.

For every “poop shovel officer”, they are most concerned about the dog’s diet. As the problem of “poisonous dog food” is becoming more and more serious, they will not hesitate to spend more money to buy some high-quality dogs. There are even many “poop shovel officers” who choose to make their own dog food, which can give them a healthier diet. So how is dog food made?

How is dog food made?

Today I will introduce you two methods of making dog food. One is the method of mass production of dog food in the factory, which requires the use of professional equipment, through the mixing of raw materials, extrusion, drying, seasoning, cooling, and packaging. For production, and if all the dog food in your home has been eaten and the new ones have not yet arrived, in this case, you can choose to make your own dog food.

How to make your own dog food:

1. The raw materials you need to prepare are: pork, beef, carrots, flour, corn flour, cabbage, olives and other vegetables and meats, as long as a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables is enough.

2. Wash the ingredients that need to be cleaned, then cut them into small pieces, and then use a meat grinder to mince all the ingredients.

3. Put all the ingredients in a relatively large container, then add an appropriate amount of corn flour or flour, then pour an appropriate amount of goat milk and some water to stir, and stir all the ingredients evenly.

4. After mixing well, squeeze the ingredients into a palm-sized ball by hand, which is more convenient for dogs to eat.

5. Afterwards, put the prepared ingredients into the pot for steaming, and let them cool after being steamed, and then they can be eaten by dogs.

The advantage of homemade dog food is that you can choose your own ingredients to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, but it is relatively troublesome and not suitable for busy people. The dog food purchased from the store is produced using high-quality formulas and advanced production techniques, with more complete nutrition and better palatability. This is also the dog food trusted by most “shovelers”.

How the factory produces dog food:

The raw materials used in the production of dog food in the factory are corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, soybean meal, wheat bran, fish meal, bone meal, rice bran, etc. These raw materials are added to an appropriate amount of water and then mixed evenly.

After that, the mixed raw materials are conveyed to the twin-screw extruder, where the raw materials are extruded and expanded into forming. The advanced extrusion process can ensure that the nutrition in the dog food is retained to the maximum, and the production of more can be achieved by changing the mold. Different shapes of dog food.

After that, the prepared dog food is transported to the dryer, and high-temperature baking can make the dog food dry quickly, which can effectively extend the shelf life.

The dried dog food needs to be seasoned. It is modulated into beef, chicken, mutton, etc. in the seasoning line, and then enters the cooling line for cooling treatment, so that the temperature can be quickly reduced to prevent moisture recurrence after packaging.

Finally, the packaging machine is used for packaging.

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