How does a feed mill?

How is the feed factory work?
How does the feed factory produce feed?

The improvement of the economic level has made all walks of life, and the feed processing industry is also the same. Volkswagen is getting higher and higher in the demand for animals. The farmer wants to increase the market size of the farming level, it is largely required. Use a higher quality animal feed.

Therefore, there is now more and more feed processing plants. Everyone has further promoted the development of the feed industry. And mechanized production has been very common in the feed industry. How is the feed plant work?

How does a feed mill?

Feed Factory can provide a good-quality animal feed for the majority of farmers. And is a very important existence in social development. The daily work of the feed plant is very busy. Usually requires many workers to coordinate the production of multiple links, including R & D feeding formulations, ordering raw materials, storage raw materials, production and processing feed. Packaging transport feed, and sales feed.

Feed processing is the core of the feed mill. It is also a feeder that has been produced in all feed mills, which means that the feed mill will receive a broader market.

So how is the feed factory produces feed?

  1. Raw material input: raw materials used in feed processing plants typically include corn, rice, rice bran, sorghum, bone powder, fish powder, soybeans, and additives of various minerals and vitamins. The raw material needs further clean before processing, removes the stone, dust, etc., so that the feed will have higher quality.
  2. Grinding and mixing: Feed Facts usually have their own professional formulations, mixing raw materials in accordance with the formula, different animals have different feed particles, so that the feed is poor, more comprehensive, more It is conducive to the growth of animals.
  3. Grains: This step needs to be carried out in the extrusion machine, the extruder will further process the mixed raw material and extruded, while also producing different shapes and different sizes of feed can be satisfied in a variety of animals. Daily needs.
  4. Packing: After the production of feed production is completed, the packaging machine can achieve automated packaging, with very high precision, the packaging feed quality is higher, and it can be sold directly.

The above is the specific process of the feed factory production feed. In modern industrial production, efficiency is life. And the use of professional equipment will help manufacturers improve production efficiency, thus obtaining more customers.

Feed Production Line is a new type of equipment recognized by the majority of feed mills. The biggest advantage is to produce high-efficiency production, highly automated production methods. Production efficiency is far leading in the same equipment, and the feed produced has a high quality. It enjoys very high visibility in the industry.

Feed Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The quality is reliable and durable, and the operation and maintenance is also very simple. The most important thing is that the equipment is low, our engineers have effectively reduced the cost of equipment. Which can make The majority of manufacturers have a higher quality equipment with a lower price.

In addition, we can also provide rigorous and scientific feed formulas. Let our customers have higher market competitiveness. If you need, please contact us. we will provide you with perfect service, look forward to our cooperation can be further promoted The development of the feed industry!