How do you manufacture pet food?

In recent years, the safety and health of pet food has received increasing attention. In the prior art, pet food often uses a large amount of oil to deep-fry the food during processing, thereby improving the taste of pet food. However, this processing method often results in pet food containing a large amount of oil and long-term consumption. Not conducive to the health of pets.

In addition, the pet food after frying does not take a long time to stand and is easy to deteriorate. When processing the food, a large amount of fat is required and the cost is also high. In order to better deal with these problems, we have done a lot of research, and after continuous efforts, we finally achieved the desired effect. How do you manufacture pet food? This mainly relies on the Pet Food Production Line developed by us.

Our pet food processing line can produce pet foods of various shapes and different flavors by changing molds and formulas, such as dog, cat, bird food, etc. It can also produce fish feed. The pet food production line is multi-functional, which can realize multiple functions in one machine. The pet food is made under high temperature conditions and is very popular in the pet food market. Pet food production line has many advantages and is the best choice for pet food production. It is widely used by pet food processing plants.

Advantages of pet food processing line:

  1. All are made of stainless steel, the design of the line is reasonable, and the degree of automation is high.
  2. The screws are made of alloy steel, with a modular system structure and self-cleaning function.
  3. The extrusion cylinder is made of carbon steel, made of #45 steel, coated with stainless steel.
  4. The gear box has an automatic lubrication function to extend the life of the gear.
  5. The cutter is fixed on the die head base, and the triangular belt drives the rotary cutting.

The process of pet food processing line:
Mixer—screw conveyor—twin screw extruder—lifter—dryer—lifter—seasoning line—cooling conveyor.

Raw materials for pet food processing line:

  1. The raw materials generally used in the manufacture of pet food can be used, such as wheat flour, bread flour, barley, brown rice, rice flour, oats, corn flour, oatmeal, beans and other grains.
  2. It can also use chicken, beef, pork, fish, venison and other meats as raw materials.
  3. Carbohydrates from processed products such as starch can also be processed as raw materials.

Production process of pet food processing line:
When puffing, use the Pet Food Production Line. After the raw material mixture is pressurized, the mixture is placed in the atmosphere while forming, so that the pressure drops sharply, and the water vapor in the mixture swells to form bubbles in the particles. When an extruder is used, the above-mentioned mixture may be heated as needed, and water may be added to the above-mentioned mixture.

The final product of the pet food processing line:
The shape of the pet food particles is not particularly limited as long as they are edible by pets. For example, spherical, polygonal, columnar, ring, plate, go-piece-shaped (ie, round and curved pieces), and heart shapes can be used. Shape, star shape, fish shape, wheel shape, etc. In addition, the size of the formed food particles can be small particles that pets can swallow in one mouthful, or large particles that pets can chew after many times. 

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