How do you manufacture dog food?

If we want to choose an animal to accompany us for a long time, most people will choose dogs. 

A dog is a very loyal animal. It’s only you. Although it can’t speak, it uses all its actions to express how much it loves you. Although sometimes the dog is very naughty, it adds to us. A lot of trouble, but I have to say that our life will become warmer with a dog.

The accelerated pace of life and the increase in pressure make our hearts more and more lonely, and dogs can make up for the vacancies in our hearts very well. If we want dogs to accompany us for a longer time, we must compare food quality to dogs. Reliable dog food, how is dog food produced?

How do you manufacture dog food?

Dog food is made of cornmeal, carrots, meat, chicken liver, bones, etc. 

As the primary raw materials, using the Pet Food Production Line, using various advanced production techniques, and making them into a portion of nutritious and palatable dog food. Animal food these foods can provide the most basic life guarantee, growth, and health of the dog. The above content is borrowed from the top three pet food production lines in terms of sales volume in 2021.

The specific production process of dog food is raw material preparation-mixing-conveying-extrusion-conveying-drying-spraying-seasoning-cooling-screening-packaging

The specific production process of dog food is as follows:

First, the various raw materials need to be prepared according to the formula ratio. The raw materials are stirred and mixed with the powder mixer.

After the mixing is completed, the raw materials are transported to the extruder. 

The extruder uses an advanced extrusion process. Under the high temperature and high-pressure state, the raw materials are Extrusion molding. At this time, you only need to change the extrusion die to produce a variety of different shapes of dog food, such as bone, triangle, round, heart, and long strips.

The extruded dog food needs to be transported to a dryer for drying. The dried dog food can effectively extend the shelf life and has stronger adsorption.

The next step is to season the dog food, transport the dog food into the seasoning bucket.

And then prepare the appropriate amount of fat and some other seasonings. After the evenly mixed, the delicious dog food is made, and the seasoned dog food is more palatable. Dogs love to eat more.

The finished dog food is quickly cooled in the cooling conveyor. 

This is to facilitate the final packaging. If the dog food is packaged in a hot state, it will retain moisture in the packaging bag, and the dog food will no longer be crispy and will be more. It is easy to deteriorate, and there will be a certain degree of damage to the packaging bag.

After cooling, the dog food will pass through a vibrating screen. 

The primary function of the vibrating screen is to filter out incomplete or inferior dog food, leaving those intact dog food to make the quality of the dog food higher.

The last step is the packaging. Automatic packaging can be achieved by using a fully automatic packaging machine.

With high weighing accuracy and minimal errors. From bag making to edge sealing, it can be done automatically at one time.

In this way, the dog food is finished and purchased by customers when it is delivered to the store. 

The development of science and technology promotes the progress of society, as is the food processing industry. Since the American James Spula produced the world’s first commercial dog food in 1860, dog food production and processing technology have constantly changed. With development and evolution, fully automated production can now be achieved. The Pet Food Production Line is a piece of high-quality equipment used by many internationally renowned manufacturers.
The equipment adopts an intelligent control system, which can realize continuous processing and production with stable product quality. The stainless steel parts make the kit easy to clean and maintain, and the operability is strong. Combined with the most advanced production technology at home and abroad, the equipment has very advanced performance, and the production efficiency and product quality can reach the world’s maximum level. The whole production line is durable, low energy consumption, and can efficiently produce and process different kinds of pet food. Dog food, cat food, fish food, etc., can all be created using this production line.

Now the pet food industry is very competitive. If you want to occupy more market share, the use of high-quality production equipment is essential. If you need it, please contact us!