How do you manufacture animal feed?

How does the feed produced?
Specific processes for feed production?

Nowadays, the farming industry is very hot, providing us with a lot of life, including meat, eggs, milk and fur. And the development of aquaculture industry also drives the development of the feed industry. And more and more manufacturers began to produce and sell feed. This contains very large business opportunities.

A variety of feed layers on the market have ended. Only the cost-effective feed can be recognized by the farmers. Then what do you understand how the feed is produced?

How do you manufacture animal feed?
The production of animal feed mainly includes four basic steps:

  1. Receive feedstock: The feed mill receives raw materials from the supplier, then weigh the raw materials, test and analyze various nutrients to ensure their quality and safety.
  2. Create a recipe: Because each species have different nutritional needs, there is a need to develop a high-quality formulation according to the type of animals.
  3. Mixed Components: Once the formula is determined, the plant will mix the raw material and produce the final feed finished product.
  4. Packaging and label: Produced feed needs to be sold after packaging, and the feed packaging label usually includes the use, ingredients and description of the feed. 

Specific processes for feed production?

1.Paste the raw material
The raw material was pulverized using a pulverizer, so it was more convenient for subsequent processing, and there were two kinds of raw materials, one is pulverized after the ingredient, and the other is first pulverized post-ingredients.

The smashing raw material needs to be prepared according to the formula of the feed, so that the processing production can be further processed, the small feed mill usually uses artificial ingredients, small investment, low product cost, flexible, and accurate. The medium-sized feed mills generally take mechanized production methods, and equipment is equipped with professional metering devices.

3.Raw materials mix
The mixing of the raw material is carried out in the mixer, and the mixer is mixed very uniform, and it has high production efficiency, and it is not necessary to operate frequently.

The adjustment of the raw material will be further processed. At this time, the extruder has played a very advantageous advantage, and the use of the extruder will extruded the raw material, and the same particles or long strips can be produced. Replace the mold to produce feeds of different shapes.

Some animal feeds need further seasonings, such as dog grains, need to add some flesh, etc. to increase the right to feed, which is usually carried out in the flavoring bucket.

The final production of feed may have a portion of the final production standard. After screening, the quality of the feed can be removed, leaving the particles, and the size of the size, and thereby further improves the quality of the feed.

The above is the specific production process of animal feed.

In this process, production equipment plays a very important role, high-performance equipment can produce higher quality feed.

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