How do I start my own pet brand?

With the development of the economy and the progress of society, keeping pets has become popular among many families. Keeping pets to accompany oneself has even regarded pets as family members. Because of this, the pet industry is developing rapidly. The pet industry refers to all pet-related sectors such as pet food, pet medical care, pet clothing, pet cages, and pet supplies.

So is the pet industry so profitable?

On the surface, it must be profitable. According to the data of the “2019 China Pet Industry White Paper” released by, my country’s urban pet (dog and cat) market reached 202.4 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 18.50%. Year on year, and has doubled in the past five years…

In 2019, dog owners accounted for about 54.40% of pet users, and cat users accounted for approximately 43.10% of pet users. The cost of keeping these two types of pets is relatively high among all pets, including services such as health care, food, toys, grooming, and foster care. These are the sources of money for pet shops.
According to statistics, in 2019, pet staple food, snacks, health products, and other food consumption accounted for 61.4% of total pet consumption, increasing 9.2% compared to 2018, which is the most significant expenditure for pets.

So How do I start my pet brand?

Pet business philosophy: 5 products and services you can sell

Sell ​​pet supplies, pet food, such as bowls, toys, and beds.

Provide walking dog and pet care services.

Pet grooming.

Continue to use social media.

Familiar with blogging and SEO.

Participate in pet industry events, trade shows, and conferences.

Know the cost of pet shops when you plan to start this business. The initial prices of pet shop startups vary greatly. Product sellers usually need between $15,000 and $30,000 to get started, although home sellers can spend a lot less. Pet product manufacturers may need as little as $30,000 or as much as $500,000 to get started. Of course, a high-quality Pet Food Production Line can help you make profits as quickly as possible.

1. Write a business plan. This is necessary, regardless of whether the owner raises funds for opening the shop himself or applies for some loans or investments. The most fundamental reason for determining a business plan is to allow the owner to move on a clear path to success.

2. When you are ready to purchase venture capital and equipment, you need to apply for a business license according to your city;

3. Choose a suitable venue to open a factory or pet shop.

4. Design floor plans for pet shops and pet factories.

5. Purchasing pet supplies to be sold in the store. Consult a few different suppliers to make sure you get a good discount.

6. Buy some live pets. Again, consult a few kennels to ensure that there is a preferential price. Another essential thing to consider is determining that the pet’s source is legal, formal, and humane. Never buy dogs from those puppy factories. This is also the attitude a pet brand should have.

7. Advertise in magazines, shops, restaurants, newspapers, and any other media. Which promotional methods are used depends on the budget. It would be best if you used publicity to attract the first customers to patronize the business. Make sure that the pet brand is known to everyone.

There are a lot of preparations for creating your pet brand. Only by achieving high quality in all aspects can it become a good brand trusted by more people.