How big is the pet food industry in the US?

With the increase in income and the increase in the awareness of keeping pets, more and more people treat pets as family members. Which has a positive impact on the market demand for organic, high-quality and healthy pet food. The pet food industry is developing rapidly, and the global pet food market is huge. How big is the pet food industry in the US?
The development of pet food industry in various countries is very fast. The United States is the country with the largest pet food market. The United States has a high pet penetration rate, and its expenditure on pets ranks first in the world. The United States has a profound pet raising culture. More and more residents regard pets as one of the same family members as people. Providing pets with food, medical treatment, entertainment and other services, and gain emotional sustenance from the interaction with pets.
From the mid to late 19th century to the 1970s, the pet food industry in the United States initially developed. From the 1970s to the beginning of the 21st century, the US pet food industry developed rapidly. The penetration rate of pet raising in the United States and the scale of the pet food market have grown rapidly. And industry leaders have begun to take shape. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the US pet food industry as a whole has entered a stage of steady development. After a century of hard work, multi-factor resonance has made the United States the world’s largest pet market.

Dog and cat food are the two main categories of pet food in the United States. Among them, dog food has the largest sales scale, and the growth rate of dog food and cat food is roughly the same. According to statistics, dry dog ​​food is the largest sub-category in the US pet food market, but the growth rate is slower. In the U.S. cat food market, cat dry food and cat wet food are on the same scale, and cat snacks have the fastest growth rate.
Naturally, there are not a few pet food companies in the United States. Well-known brands such as Blue Jue and Hills are good. The products are usually single-brand and multi-series, covering different types of dog food, cat food, dry and wet food, etc. The Pet Food Production Line has subdivided products tailored to different pets’ lifespan, taste, function and preference to meet different needs.
Changes in consumer preferences promote the development of high-quality pet food. China’s pet food industry is not inferior. It is currently in a period of rapid growth and there is a large market growth space. The potential of the domestic pet food market is being released, and people from all walks of life in the pet industry are actively exploring. As the leader of domestic pet food manufacturing machinery, our company is also constantly forging ahead and showing its growth.

The Pet Food Production Line recently developed by our company has promoted the development of the pet food industry. The production line is mainly composed of a raw material processing system, an extrusion system, a drying system, a seasoning system and a control system. It has high stability and automation performance and can be used This manufacturing machine can easily produce pellets of different sizes by changing the mold, which provides the possibility to control the texture of the final product by controlling the expansion of the extruder by various means.
Features of Pet Food Production Line:
1.Using international advanced technology, the particle size is very uniform.
2.Fully automatic control system, precise heating and circulating cooling.
3.The motor and the distribution box are directly driven to reduce energy loss.
4.High temperature and high pressure can kill Salmonella and many kinds of bacteria.
5.The barrel is equipped with a water injection device, which can meet various raw material and quality requirements.
6.The screw can be combined at will to meet the requirements of different raw materials.
7.Suspended rotary cutter with bearing adjusting device to ensure fast, safe and accurate.
Flow chart of pet food making machine:
Mixer→Screw conveyor→Twin screw extruder→Air conveyor→Dryer→Elevator→Seasoning drum injection machine→Cooling machine→Packaging machine
The company has modern workshops and production equipment, stable product performance, and high technical content and added value. According to the special requirements of customers, we can provide reasonable solutions and free designs to help select equipment. With a good reputation and high-quality service, we have become a professional supplier of pet food machinery and have strong comprehensive competitiveness in the pet food industry.
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