Can you make money selling dog food?

As our country’s comprehensive national strength, all walks of life are developing very rapidly. Nowadays, there are many entrepreneurs. Many people are looking for ways to get rich. In today’s market, how do you make more money? Can you make money selling dog food? Is it a good choice to join the pet food industry?

Due to the improvement of consumption level, people’s diet quality is getting better and better, and the dog’s diet level has also followed the owner to get some improvement. More and more people choose professional pet food to feed their pets, and the situation of eating leftovers is gradually decreasing. The dog food business caters to this trend. With the consumption upgrade, the dog food market will usher in significant development.

In terms of the market’s overall size, the entire dog food market has not yet formed a company that monopolizes feed like the “New Hope Group,” and there is no brand that has done very well. Entrepreneurs still have a great chance of success in this business.

Of course, there are many people who may not look at the dog food market. These people think this is just a small business, and getting ten million yuan in financing all at once may be a fraudulent investment. However, if we look at the whole market, “dogfood” is undoubtedly a big market in the future. It’s like the “New Hope” group that sells feed. If it can do an excellent job of dog feed, there is no limit to its money.

So, selling dog food is a way to get rich; if you want to make a career, this is a good choice. To be successful, you must first do a good job with dog food and win customers’ trust in terms of quality, and in this regard, Pet Food Production Line can help you.

Pet Food Production Line takes meat meal, fish meal, cornmeal, soybean meal, and other grain meal as the primary raw materials to make pet food, such as dog, cat food, fish food, bird food, etc. After scientific configuration and extrusion by extruder, it can make pet food in many shapes such as stick, bone, etc. The dog food produced contains protein, fat, and vitamins, which provide nutrition for the dog and satisfy the dog’s natural hobbies.

Pet Food Production Line consists of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, and control system. It adopts advanced screw extrusion technology, using high temperature and high pressure to make the material mature and expand at one time. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed control to ensure the stability of the production process. The products have bright colors, various varieties, beautiful shapes, natural and realistic, delicate textures, and a wide range of uses for raw materials. 

Advantages of pet food production line:

1、Screw design, with double-headed full mesh structure and self-cleaning block screw, which can be combined at will.

2、New rail cutting system, parallel shaft cylindrical helical gearbox.

3、New direct transmission system, more power (no belt, between gearbox and motor), reduce energy consumption.

4、Automatic heating system and cooling system, PLC touch screen control system.

5、Belt and insulation are made of stainless steel, suitable for the food safety industry level.

6、Running speed of belt and net can be controlled (frequency conversion speed regulation system), the temperature can be controlled at will, designed according to the need.

Pet food pellet extruder process:

Mixer → elevator → storage → conditioning machine → steam fish feed extruder → air conveyor → steam dryer → elevator → oil spraying machine → double drums → cooling conveyor → sieving machine → packing machine. 

Pet food production line is a new production line designed by our company combined with years of experience in food machinery research to enhance the pet food market. This production line gives pet food a novel shape, unique taste, and color. It meets the multiple demands of the modern market with scientific nutritional formula and many superior characteristics of easy absorption. It can produce a variety of various pet foods, as well as high-quality professional dog food to suit various dog breeds.

Looking at the pet industry today, the pet food industry occupies a large proportion. Especially in recent years, the development is getting better and better. Investing in this area is an excellent opportunity. Selling dog food will also bring good economic benefits. If you want to earn money by selling dog food, you can buy our dog food-making machine, which will make high-quality dog food for you and take you on the road to riches.