What is the goal of feed mills?

With the economic development, the public’s demand for diet has continued to increase, the sales of poultry and livestock have continued to rise, in order to meet the growing market demand, the range of farming is getting bigger and bigger.

The development of aquaculture has led to the development of many industries. The feed industry has ushered in very large development opportunities. More and more people began to build a feed plant, then what is the goal of building a feed factory?

What is the goal of feed mills?

The feed mill is responsible for producing animal feed, including other animals such as livestock and poultry animals. The daily work of the feed plant is to develop high-quality feed formulas, then buy high-quality raw materials, and produce high-quality feeds with superior performance equipment, and finally packaging. In this process, we can provide high-quality feed to the majority of farmers, but also increase the breeding profit of farmers, manufacturers can also get rich profits from it.

In order to achieve high profits, the feed mill needs to further improve production conditions, usually improve from the following aspects:

1.Plant staff training
With technical mature, well-trained employees are an important part of the high-efficiency factory. Many times, due to employees may not understand the working principle of the equipment or the operation method, there will be low production efficiency.
Appropriate training, formulate reasonable rewards and punishment mechanisms or promotion mechanisms will make workers more confident to work, thereby increasing the process level of production.

2. Using high quality feed formula
The quality of the feed depends on the formulation of the feed, and the quality formula can provide the most nutrients in the growth of animals, and the growth cycle is shorter, which can bring higher economic benefits to the farmer. Although many recipes seem to be similar, it actually has a lot of differences, and some nutrients are small, but there are any changes, which will bring a huge impact on animals.

3. Using quality raw materials
The quality of the raw materials has a big relationship with the final quality of the feed. And the quality raw material is more nutrient. It does not produce harmful ingredients. And the product produced is higher. Which will help the manufacturer further expand the market size.

4. Using quality production equipment
The performance of the device is critical. The feed quality produced by different devices will be different. Quality equipment can retain nutrients in raw materials. Fully show the superiority of the formula. Which is also more and more feed manufacturers to start using quality The reason for the equipment.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer, which has a very high visibility in the industry. It has rich research and development and production experience. The FEED PRODUCTION LINE developed has got a very high evaluation. Nowadays, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Pakistan. And Western Europe and other countries and regions have made great contributions to the development of the local feed industry.

Feed Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel and internationally renowned brands. With very strong quality, wear resistance to corrosion resistance, long use, highly automated production methods. Can process multiple animal feeds. Produced Feed is always in the industry’s leading level.

Today, the feed industry is very hot. And the feed factory is ideal for obtaining high profits. If you want to buy a high-quality equipment to expand the market, please contact us, we will serve you!

What Is Feed Mill Equipment?

What are the equipment equipment?
What is the basic use process of feed production equipment?

Opening a feed factory is ideal for obtaining profits, because the development of the breeding industry is very rapid, and the farmer is very large for high-quality feed in order to further improve farming profits, so this has also brought huge to the feed factory. Business opportunity.

The feeder wants to produce high-quality feed, the most important thing is to use quality production equipment, then what are the equipment used by the feed factory?

What Is Feed Mill Equipment?

Basic feed mills for making animals or poultry feeds include raw materials receiving, grinding, ingredient, mixing, granulation, cooling, screening, packaging, and warehousing. The main components of the equipment include feed mill, feed mixer, feed granulator, feed cooling machine, and feed packaging machine. The auxiliary equipment has a conveyor, a control cabinet, a storage bin, a dust collector, and a fire protection equipment.

Basic use process for feed production equipment:

  1. Raw material reception: meat, fishmeal, corn flour and other raw materials such as making feeds, transported into the feed mill. Then transport into the cleaning machine, remove impurities and dust, and store it in the storage bin.
  2. Grinding: Some raw materials are required to use a grinder into a destination degree before processing and production. And different animals are suitable for different degrees of fruity feed.
  3. Ingredients: According to the feed formula, various feed ingredients need to be determined by quantitative weighing, and the usual equipment has high-precision weighing, automatically controlled by the central control panel, very simple operation, and the error rate is extremely small.
  4. Mix: The mixed raw material is mixed in the mixer, and the mixing time depends on the feeding formulation and the feeding component.
  5. Granulation: Mixed-mixed feed into the granulator, the process of granulation has the following steps:

1.The mixed raw material enters the feeder for controlling the speed of the feedstock to the granulator.

2.Mix the dry mixing and the added steam in a stroner and then transport the granulation chamber by gravity or forced feed system.

3.In the granulating chamber, the mixed raw material will be pushed through the granulator mold to become the target of the particle size and shape.

  • Cooling and sieving: The produced feed particles are hot, and it is necessary to convey the cooling machine, which will become sturdy and durable after cooling, while the feed particles will directly flow into the screwdriver.
  • Packing: The feed-completed feed needs to be packaged, and then can be sold for the market.

The performance of feed production equipment is critical.

It is the key to the expansion of the market. Now the competition in the feed industry is very fierce. And only the performance of the equipment is more superior.

Feed Production Line is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. And has the most advanced production process in the feed equipment. Highly automated production methods have made the equipment have very high production efficiency. And the output is higher in time, which means manufacturers. You can get a more vast market.

In addition, the feed produced by Feed Production Line has a very high quality. And the equipment is strong and durable, and the operation is stable. It can achieve 24h continuous production. Which is an ideal choice for manufacturers to expand the market.

The development of the feed industry is very rapid. Using quality equipment will help the manufacturer get a bigger voice in the market. If you need it, please contact us!

How do you set up a feed mill?

The increase in economic level and the sharp increase in the world’s population have made various food demands continue to rise. Therefore, the aquaculture industry has become very hot. More and more people have begun to cultivate some animals, and they have achieved high returns. .

In this case, the rapid growth in the feed industry also attracted many people who want to engage in this industry. The best profit is to open a feed factory. How should I create a feed factory? ?

How do you set up a feed mill?
Due to the development of breeding industry, the feed industry is rapidly developed in rapid development. And the market demand in feed is also very wide, and the professional animal farms are relied on animal feed. This also means that it is very profitable to open a feed factory. And you want to open a feed factory, you need a full range of preparations, including pre-survey, formulation, implementation plan, and marketing.

The specific steps to open a feed factory are as follows:

1.Carry out the market research
Before opening the feed factory, you need to carefully investigate the market environment, investigate which of the highest sales of sales, what is their formula, what is the price. In-depth understanding of the current situation of the feed market, only in this way can accurately understand the needs of the farmers, and seize the wider market.

2.Get training and technology of feed formula
Feed formula is a science, requires a deep knowledge support, only to develop the animal’s nutritional demand and the lower cost, can stand out in the market.

3.Develop the business plan of the feed factory

After the first two steps of research and research, you can draft a business plan, carefully determine how much the feed mill you have established, what is the target market, how to buy raw materials, what is the marketing plan, and how Raise the start of funds and so on. After a perfect business plan, you can start to invest in the construction.

4.Select the location of the feed factory
The processing of the feed mill requires a specific location. You need to choose the location of the feed mill according to local regulations. If you can build the feed factory in a rich region where you will be your ideal, this means you will have a ready-made market.

5.Buy the production equipment of the feed factory
Using high quality equipment will make your production more smoothly and help you expand the market. Feed Production Line is a well-known enterprise in use. The quality is stable, high production efficiency, good production quality, can be produced to produce multiple animal feed. And feed production line is low. there is very high cost performance. It is your feed factory Further improve the ideal choice for profits.

6.Purchase raw materials and start processing
You can sign long-term cooperation with local suppliers to get lower prices, which have a stable and reliable supplier, which will ensure that your processing can be stably.

7.Brand marketing
There are a variety of ways to promote your brand promotion and marketing. You need to fully demonstrate what advantages can you bring to our customers. And learn from a variety of ways to learn your feed. Including agricultural exhibitions, TV And broadcast advertising, online sales, and line promotion.

The above is the specific method of establishing the feed factory.

If you have other questions, please contact us. We can provide you with a full range of services to help you build a stable career!

How do you manufacture animal feed?

How does the feed produced?
Specific processes for feed production?

Nowadays, the farming industry is very hot, providing us with a lot of life, including meat, eggs, milk and fur. And the development of aquaculture industry also drives the development of the feed industry. And more and more manufacturers began to produce and sell feed. This contains very large business opportunities.

A variety of feed layers on the market have ended. Only the cost-effective feed can be recognized by the farmers. Then what do you understand how the feed is produced?

How do you manufacture animal feed?
The production of animal feed mainly includes four basic steps:

  1. Receive feedstock: The feed mill receives raw materials from the supplier, then weigh the raw materials, test and analyze various nutrients to ensure their quality and safety.
  2. Create a recipe: Because each species have different nutritional needs, there is a need to develop a high-quality formulation according to the type of animals.
  3. Mixed Components: Once the formula is determined, the plant will mix the raw material and produce the final feed finished product.
  4. Packaging and label: Produced feed needs to be sold after packaging, and the feed packaging label usually includes the use, ingredients and description of the feed. 

Specific processes for feed production?

1.Paste the raw material
The raw material was pulverized using a pulverizer, so it was more convenient for subsequent processing, and there were two kinds of raw materials, one is pulverized after the ingredient, and the other is first pulverized post-ingredients.

The smashing raw material needs to be prepared according to the formula of the feed, so that the processing production can be further processed, the small feed mill usually uses artificial ingredients, small investment, low product cost, flexible, and accurate. The medium-sized feed mills generally take mechanized production methods, and equipment is equipped with professional metering devices.

3.Raw materials mix
The mixing of the raw material is carried out in the mixer, and the mixer is mixed very uniform, and it has high production efficiency, and it is not necessary to operate frequently.

The adjustment of the raw material will be further processed. At this time, the extruder has played a very advantageous advantage, and the use of the extruder will extruded the raw material, and the same particles or long strips can be produced. Replace the mold to produce feeds of different shapes.

Some animal feeds need further seasonings, such as dog grains, need to add some flesh, etc. to increase the right to feed, which is usually carried out in the flavoring bucket.

The final production of feed may have a portion of the final production standard. After screening, the quality of the feed can be removed, leaving the particles, and the size of the size, and thereby further improves the quality of the feed.

The above is the specific production process of animal feed.

In this process, production equipment plays a very important role, high-performance equipment can produce higher quality feed.

Feed Production Line is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, wear resistant to corrosion resistance, strong and durable service life. Not easy to damage, easy to operate, easy to repair, production is highly automated, the animal feed nutrients are rich. And it is very suitable. The need for farmers is a trustworthy choice for feed processing plants.

The feed industry contains huge profits. If you want to get a better development in the industry, please contact us. We will recommend your feed production line for you!

How does a feed mill?

How is the feed factory work?
How does the feed factory produce feed?

The improvement of the economic level has made all walks of life, and the feed processing industry is also the same. Volkswagen is getting higher and higher in the demand for animals. The farmer wants to increase the market size of the farming level, it is largely required. Use a higher quality animal feed.

Therefore, there is now more and more feed processing plants. Everyone has further promoted the development of the feed industry. And mechanized production has been very common in the feed industry. How is the feed plant work?

How does a feed mill?

Feed Factory can provide a good-quality animal feed for the majority of farmers. And is a very important existence in social development. The daily work of the feed plant is very busy. Usually requires many workers to coordinate the production of multiple links, including R & D feeding formulations, ordering raw materials, storage raw materials, production and processing feed. Packaging transport feed, and sales feed.

Feed processing is the core of the feed mill. It is also a feeder that has been produced in all feed mills, which means that the feed mill will receive a broader market.

So how is the feed factory produces feed?

  1. Raw material input: raw materials used in feed processing plants typically include corn, rice, rice bran, sorghum, bone powder, fish powder, soybeans, and additives of various minerals and vitamins. The raw material needs further clean before processing, removes the stone, dust, etc., so that the feed will have higher quality.
  2. Grinding and mixing: Feed Facts usually have their own professional formulations, mixing raw materials in accordance with the formula, different animals have different feed particles, so that the feed is poor, more comprehensive, more It is conducive to the growth of animals.
  3. Grains: This step needs to be carried out in the extrusion machine, the extruder will further process the mixed raw material and extruded, while also producing different shapes and different sizes of feed can be satisfied in a variety of animals. Daily needs.
  4. Packing: After the production of feed production is completed, the packaging machine can achieve automated packaging, with very high precision, the packaging feed quality is higher, and it can be sold directly.

The above is the specific process of the feed factory production feed. In modern industrial production, efficiency is life. And the use of professional equipment will help manufacturers improve production efficiency, thus obtaining more customers.

Feed Production Line is a new type of equipment recognized by the majority of feed mills. The biggest advantage is to produce high-efficiency production, highly automated production methods. Production efficiency is far leading in the same equipment, and the feed produced has a high quality. It enjoys very high visibility in the industry.

Feed Production Line is made of food-grade stainless steel. The quality is reliable and durable, and the operation and maintenance is also very simple. The most important thing is that the equipment is low, our engineers have effectively reduced the cost of equipment. Which can make The majority of manufacturers have a higher quality equipment with a lower price.

In addition, we can also provide rigorous and scientific feed formulas. Let our customers have higher market competitiveness. If you need, please contact us. we will provide you with perfect service, look forward to our cooperation can be further promoted The development of the feed industry!

What is included in feed production?

The aquaculture industry is closely related to our lives, and the breeding production is now growing. There are many previously uncommon special projects to develop, so the market is also growing with the demand for feeds. The feed industry is also ushered in. Very good development opportunity.

The types of five-flowers on the market, high-quality feed is required by all breeding households. And the production of high-quality feed means a broader market. If you want to produce high-quality feed, you need to improve the process levels of all aspects of production. Then which links are included in the feed production?

What is included in feed production?

The production of high quality feed includes multiple links. And only the best improvement of the final quality of the feed can only be further improved in every aspect. The most important production links include feed formulations, feed materials, and feed production process, etc. If you have to engage in feed production, you should focus on these three aspects.

Feed formula
Quality feed products, in addition to the scientific and reasonable formula, the formulater must have a wealth of raw material processing knowledge, grasp the characteristics of raw materials, understand the raw material market, familiar with different animals, happy And well known to feeding methods, environmental conditions and other factors on feeding results.

Only in this way can we develop the most advanced feed formula. Bring huge economic benefits to the breeding of animals. And can also promote further development of the feed industry.

Feed raw material
The raw materials required in feed processing include soybean, soybean meal, corn, fishmeal, amino acid, hybrid, additive, whey powder, grease, meat powder, cereal, sweet sorghum. And more than ten kinds of feed raw materials. The manufacturer only has a high quality of raw materials to make full use of the nutrients to produce high quality feed.

Feed production
The processing of feeds includes a plurality of links, the main process flow is – the receiving – raw material of the raw material – the mixture of raw materials – mixed – granulation – granulation – packaging.

There is a lot of process required for feed processing and production. And we want to produce high-quality feed, you must use superior performance equipment, high-quality production equipment to give full formulation and raw material advantages, producing the highest quality feed.

Today, the feed industry is very hot, and major manufacturers have been able to stand out in the highly competitive market. And Feed Production Line will provide the manufacturer with the greatest help.

We are a professional food machinery manufacturer, with years of research and development experience. Have a high reputation in the market, and all kinds of food machinery produced have been exported to Singapore, Canada, Russia, the United States and Japan, etc. Have harvested local customers. Consistent praise.

Feed Production Line is a very high well-known equipment. Which is made of food-grade stainless steel, is firm and durable and easy to clean. Ensuring the health status of the feed. In addition, the equipment has highly automated production methods, with very high production efficiency. Operation is also very simple, can process multiple animal feeds, such as dog food, cat food, fish and cattle feed, etc., very wide.

We can also provide custom services for our customers. Tell us your production, we will customize the reasonable production plan and the best production equipment that best suits you is more smooth!

What is the most profitable pet business?

Pets are now a part of some pet lovers’ families. They are also spending more and more on food and drink. Some pet clothes may be more than a small child’s, and pet snacks are also various, some even more expensive than we eat. These have also led to the rapid development of the pet industry, so what items in the pet business can make money? What is the most profitable pet business? Let me tell you about it today!

The pet industry is getting better and better, and it includes many projects, such as pet food, pet supplies, pet grooming, pet boarding, pet medical, etc. No matter which one, there are profits to be made. No matter which one, there are profits to be made. The following are a few of the more profitable projects.

1, pet boarding.

The pet boarding program is characterized by a strong temporal nature and a distinct peak period. The peak period of pet boarding is most prominent in the holiday and travel season. People do not feel comfortable leaving their pets alone at home when they travel and will choose to board their pets in a pet store. Pet boarding is 100% profitable, and many pet stores can easily make tens of thousands of dollars in boarding alone.

2, pet medical care.

Pet medical profits can be said to be profitable, but not all pet hospitals are profitable. Why say so? Because the overall investment in the pet medical project is large, the requirements for the approval of the qualification with the expertise and the law are very strict. These two have stopped many people at the door. Then small and medium-sized pet stores want to operate pet store medical, have been grounded, do common vaccines vaccination, skin disease treatment, and other common diseases to improve profits.

3, pet grooming.

I believe that the pet groomer working in the pet store has the most to say about pet grooming. Pet groomers seem to be very simple. In fact, they need to have strong professional skills. Let the pet stand obediently on the pet grooming table, and then do a full-body inspection, comb the hair, and trim the pet. It takes ten years of work. Now, most pet grooming projects account for a large amount of income. With the strengthening of pet store services, pet store services belong to the pet store pillar industry.

4, pet training.

Many pet owners like obedient and well-behaved pets, but they are not professional enough in training, so pet training can also be included to meet the owner’s needs. Pet science professional training for pet stores is also a good prospect.

5, pet supplies.

Pet business is still more profitable, such as one of the pet store business is to sell pet clothes toys and pet supplies, etc. These need to be purchased in cycles, so as long as you have a fixed source of customers, you are not afraid of not making money.

6, pet food.

Needless to say, the importance of pet food is essential for keeping pets, and when choosing food, you must choose food that suits your pet. Health and safety are essential. To make pets grow healthily, you must ensure the quality of pet food. In order to obtain higher profits, it is necessary to provide customers with high-quality pet food and win their trust to gain a firm foothold.

These are a few of the more profitable projects in the pet industry, from which you can make a significant profit in the pet business, but of course, there are other projects that can bring good profits. In short, in this industry, as long as you master the way to do business, no matter what you do is profitable. Our company is focused on the production of food processing machinery, since its inception, the company’s development is also getting better and better.

The above picture is our newly developed Pet Food Production Line, which has many advantages: high automation, high production efficiency, low failure rate, easy maintenance, simple operation, high product quality, clean production process, etc. Pet Food Production Line uses meat powder, grains, beans, etc., as raw materials to produce Pet Food Production Line is the best choice for the market and customers. It produces pet food with various shapes, unique flavors, and rich nutrition.

If you want to start a pet business and have needs in this area, you can contact us at any time. We can provide you with high-quality equipment and share our experience to become partners and develop together.

Why is there a pet food shortage?

my country’s pet food industry is developing rapidly. The increase in residents’ income, the development of an aging population, and the change in social living habits have led to the continuous increase in the number of pets raised and consequently a large amount of pet food consumption demand. Domestic pet food The scale of consumption has grown rapidly. Relevant domestic policies and strong support from government departments have also created a good policy and operating atmosphere for the development of the pet food industry.

Although the development of my country’s pet food industry is in full swing, there are still some problems, such as the shortage of pet food. Why is there a pet food shortage? This is mainly because there are more and more pets, and the demand for pet food continues to increase, which leads to the phenomenon of short supply. In addition, there are many unfavorable factors that affect the development of the pet food industry.

Disadvantages of the development of the pet food industry:

  1. The international reputation of domestic pet food manufacturers is not high
    In the international market, compared with well-known pet food manufacturers such as Mars, Nestlé, and Royal, the brand awareness and market recognition of domestic pet food companies are relatively low. Most companies can only enter the international market in the form of OEM. And the channel is easily controlled by others, the ability to resist risks is weak, and it is in a disadvantageous position in the competition with international companies in the same industry.
  2. Insufficient R&D investment and weak product R&D capabilities
    The pet food industry in my country has developed late. Many companies are small in scale and weak in capital. They lack sufficient attention and investment in product research and development. At present, pet foods in the industry are mostly developed on the basis of imitating foreign products. Product research and development focuses generally on the palatability, shape, structure and packaging of pet food, and the core technology, formula design and nutritional balance of pet food processing The R&D investment in other aspects is seriously insufficient.
  3. The industry concentration is low and industry standards are not yet perfect
    Attracted by the good market prospects of the pet industry, there are currently a large number of pet food production companies in my country, with different scales, low industry concentration, and a unified product industry standard has not yet been formed. Some low-end manufacturers take shoddy and good products. High profits or low-price vicious competition to gain market share disrupts the market order, further damages the reputation of the domestic pet food industry, and restricts the healthy development of my country’s pet food industry.

To solve the problem of pet food shortage and maintain the stable development of the pet food industry, we must pay attention to the above points. In addition, the processing of pet food is very worthy of attention. It is necessary to ensure the source of pet food and provide high-quality pets. Healthy food.

Purpose of food processing:

  1. Change the palatability.
  2. Improve the utilization of nutrients.
  3. Change the granularity. The particle size reduction of food helps chewing and swallowing. In some cases, granulation or briquetting is used to increase the co-particle size.
  4. Change the moisture content. Adjust the moisture content of raw materials to facilitate storage, enhance palatability, facilitate digestion or prepare for other processing.
  5. Change the density of food. The weight per unit volume of feed (bulk density) will affect the total feed intake. For example, pelleting or briquetting can increase its energy density and food intake, reducing transportation costs and storage space.
  6. Reduce harmful substances such as mold and salmonella.
  7. Detoxify or remove unnecessary ingredients. Some raw materials may contain toxic substances. Excessive intake can lead to poor growth and even death.

Analyzing the current situation of the pet market, in order to better meet the needs of pets. Our company has developed a new type of Pet Food Production Line. High degree of automation, convenient operation, stable performance, convenient maintenance, high production capacity, and wide range of raw materials are the main features of this production line. The production line uses fish meal, corn meal, etc. as raw materials, and the final feed is rich in nutrients, diverse in shape, beautiful and easy to digest, and is deeply loved by pets.

The Pet Food Production Line can quickly and conveniently produce a variety of pet foods. Realize a multi-purpose machine, meet the needs of different pets. And solve problems in pet food processing. It is the best choice for pet food production!

What is the top selling brand of dog food?

Dog food is divided into three categories: commercial food, natural food and five-grain food. For the sake of the dog, of course, don’t choose commercial food. Natural food is characterized by not greasy to the touch, smelly, not salty, and full of nutrition. Grain-free grains are more nutritious than natural grains. Grain-free grains have no grains. Its disadvantage is that long-term eating is not good for the dog’s stomach. And grain-free grains are more expensive than natural grains. It is better to choose natural dog food.

What kind of dog food does your dog eat? What is the top selling brand of dog food? As an old saying goes, the best is not necessarily the best for you. As an ordinary pet breeder, we value more cost-effective dog food. And provide the best quality dog food to our dogs within our own budget. Let me share with you a few cost-effective dog foods for your reference if you need them.

1.Royal dog food
This is a tailor-made nutritional dog food. Its biggest advantage is that it has a rich variety, special dog food suitable for various dog breeds, and dog food with prescription functions such as weight loss. It’s just that the royal dog food tastes a bit heavy, but dogs like it very much. It is recommended that people who own dogs try to buy different dog food, because it is said that after dogs like to eat royal dog food, they will not eat other dog food.

2.Ocean Star Dog Food
Ocean Star Dog Food is a fish-based food that keeps your pet’s hair, joints, heart, and digestive system healthy, as well as helps the development of vision and brain. If pets lack fish in their daily diet, it is easy to cause nutritional imbalance and various chronic diseases.

3.Bi Ruiji dog food
It is more natural than Regis dog food, ensuring better palatability and fresh nutrition. It meets human food-grade standards, does not contain ingredients discarded by humans, and does not add preservatives, antibiotics, and inducers. Pets are healthier and safer to eat.

Bernardine was the first to use non-gluten ingredients to make healthy and nutritious dog food, and many colleagues followed suit. In North America and European countries, grain-free has become the main product of major dog food companies, and Bernardino has become the number one brand in the domestic grain-free market.

5.Alcoholic dog food
Alcohol dog food is made in accordance with human food standards. From raw materials to nutritional supplements, to processing and subsequent testing, they are all based on a series of human food standards. In terms of health and hygiene, it is very reassuring. Dog food has high meat content and good palatability. What is important is that the reputation is good.

6.Newton dog food
Newton dog food is a cereal formula that replaces vegetables with high starch content, such as potatoes with low glycemic index fruits and vegetables. The crude protein content is more than 32%, and it is also a very high price ratio.

Desire is indeed dry food Jordan, Ronaldo. As long as it is any dog ​​food list, there must be desire. It ranks very high and this ranking also gives full marks, but the price of desire is also more expensive because it is imported.

There are many dog food brands, so I won’t introduce them one by one. You can choose according to the actual situation. In fact, dog food does not need to be very expensive, but you should choose a dog food that is suitable for your dog. If it is not suitable, it will be useless even if it is expensive. 

The Pet Food Production Line is advanced equipment developed and manufactured in order to better meet the needs of customers and produce healthy and safe pet food. The operation is simple, the parameters are accurately controlled, and the product can be completed within the specified temperature, pressure, humidity and time. Due to the reasonable design, special materials, high stability and quality can be guaranteed, it is suitable for the production of pet food, dog food, cat food and fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.

Our company is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade. The company is committed to the research and development of extrusion machinery and related supporting equipment. Mainly covers corn flour milling system, corn flakes/breakfast cereal system, baby food system, corn puffed snack system, pellet system, artificial rice system, bean nugget system and other machinery and equipment. As well as the Pet Food Production Line. If you have a need in this regard, please contact us as soon as possible!

Is pet food manufacturing profitable?

With the growth of China’s economy, the pet industry has developed rapidly. People keeping pets has changed from pure enjoyment to a kind of sustenance of people’s spirit. The role of pets has also quietly changed. And they have become more and more companions in people’s lives. More and more people start to keep pets. If you take care of them, they can also bring you a full sense of happiness. They play an irreplaceable role in promoting social harmony.

There are many kinds of pets, with different looks, some are very prominent, some are more common, and there are different personalities. Among them, cats and dogs are the main ones. For their feeding, pets have their own special food in feeding. Is pet food manufacturing profitable? The answer is self-evident, pet food manufacturing is very profitable. And many smart entrepreneurs have also considered this and devoted themselves to the pet food industry.

If you want to make a profit by manufacturing pet food, you can open a pet food processing factory. First, you must consider joining the brand or making your own brand. However, if you really do it, if you don’t have production experience, including many production equipment. And don’t know what kind of pets eat what kind of food, it will be a troublesome thing. We still have to consider the franchise brand first, which has a greater success rate.

Of course, if you have a certain amount of experience, you can do it yourself and make money on your own. Just by purchasing equipment and hiring employees. If you invest in a brand, brand companies will help, and pet food processing equipment will also provide a unified procurement channel.

In the production process, pet food processing plants also need to be very meticulous. All operations should be carried out according to the basic process, and the pellets of different pet species should be classified. In this way, with the cooperation of the various stores in the later period, it is very convenient to purchase and load goods, and at the same time, it also reflects the professionalism of the brand.

Opening a pet food processing plant will not only meet the quality of food production, but also need to pass quality assurance before customers can choose your products. First of all, it is important to establish the reputation of pet food processing plants; secondly, it is necessary to constantly look for resources, look for cooperative enterprises, and long-term cooperation. In this way, it can continue to operate at a later stage.

We are a professional food extrusion technology company and machinery manufacturer. Our main products are: pet fish feed machine, floating fish feed machine, puffed snack machine, pet chewing machine, sandwich snack machine, corn flake production line, laboratory twin-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, soybean puffed protein machine , Chocolate snack production line, puffing ring snack machine, fried snack food machine, macaroni machine, Pet Food Production Line, artificial rice production line and so on.

If you want to open a pet food processing plant and do pet food business, you can take a look at our equipment. Our Pet Food Production Line uses meat meal, fish meal, corn meal, soybean meal and other grain meal as the main raw materials. It can be changed by changing the mold and formula. Making pet foods of various shapes, such as dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, etc., has many advantages.

Advantages of pet food production line:

  1. Linear structure, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance.
  2. The operation has a high degree of automation, a high degree of intelligence, and no pollution.
  3. All pet food equipment is made of stainless steel, which meets food safety requirements.
  4. The final product is stylish in shape, unique in taste, scientific and nutritious, and easy to absorb.
  5. The cutter adopts frequency converter to realize stepless speed change, and the outside adopts 304 stainless steel plate, which is clean, tidy and easy to clean.
  6. The international advanced cutting structure adopts the composite form of soft knife to realize stepless speed change. The extruded particles can be cut into products of the required length at will, and burrs are not easy to produce.

Our equipment has guaranteed quality, excellent performance, and can stand the test of time. It will be your right-hand man on the road of career development. If you are worrying about not knowing how to choose pet food processing equipment, you might as well get to know our company and take a look at our pet food production line. We also have related supporting facilities. In short, choosing us will make you satisfied and look forward to cooperating with you!