About the introduction of feed production line

Nowadays, the breeding industry is developing very rapidly. Whether it is animal husbandry, aquaculture, or household pets, diet is very important to them, because they require different nutrients from people, so in order to promote their good growth and development, they need Give them some specific foods, so the sales of various feeds are gradually increasing.

As a feed manufacturer with many years of production experience, we realize that the current market competition is very fierce, so we want to use superior equipment to improve our production process level. After many inspections, we decided to use the Feed Production Line. After production, we believe that the production line has significant advantages and excellent performance.

What are the advantages of the feed production line?

1. All equipment is made of food grade stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and corrosion. Long use time.

2. A fully automated production method is realized, and the production efficiency is very high.

3. The structure of the production line is compact, and the floor space is small, so small workshops can also be used.

4. The feed produced has good palatability and is quite recognized in the market.

5. It can process and produce a variety of feeds, including cattle feed, chicken feed, fish feed, dog food, cat food, etc., with a wide range of uses.

The feed production line has many advantages, which can meet our various production needs and provide us with great convenience. The feed production line is composed of crushers, mixers, feeders, twin-screw extruders, air conveyors, ovens, elevators, seasoning lines, cooling conveyors, packaging machines and other equipment, which can automatically complete raw material mixing and extrusion , Drying, seasoning, cooling and packaging and other production processes.

The following are the specific uses of each equipment in the feed production line:

1. Pulverizer: Used to pulverize the required raw materials. Since the number of raw materials used by professional feed processing plants is relatively large, it can effectively save costs if the raw materials are purchased and crushed by themselves.

2. Mixer: Various raw materials can be mixed according to the feed formula, and then mixed evenly.

3. Feeder: the mixed raw materials are transported into the feeder for the next step of production and processing, usually a screw feeder.

4. Twin-screw extruder: Extruding the feed into extruded molding under high temperature and high pressure, and retain the nutrients in the raw materials.

5. Air conveyor: transport the prepared feed to the oven.

6. Oven: Remove excess water in the feed, keep the feed dry, and extend the shelf life.

7. Hoist: convey the roasted feed into the seasoning line, and there is no leakage during the conveying process.

8. Seasoning line: used to season the dried feed pellets, spray oil, add nutritional additives, etc., to make the feed more palatability.

9. Cooling conveyor: cool the finished feed to keep it in a dry state to prevent moisture and agglomeration after the feed is packaged under high temperature conditions.

10.Packing machine: packing the feed.

The above is a brief introduction about the feed production line. The manufacturer can provide us with high-quality services. We have customized the Feed Production Line that is most suitable for our production needs. The produced feed is of very high quality and is well received in the industry. Therefore, We have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with this manufacturer.

In today’s technological advancement, efficiency is life. With the help of feed production lines, our market scale is further expanded. At the same time, we are also looking forward to the emergence of more high-quality equipment in the future!